Click on the link after winning the phone was implanted Trojan

Click on the link after winning the phone was implanted Trojan a criminal gang by sending a mobile phone Trojan SMS link, theft of personal information of citizens, and thus the implementation of theft, fraud, involving a total of more than 40 yuan. Hainan Province, Qiongzhong County procuratorate prosecution, recently, Qiongzhong County court verdict: guilty of fraud, theft, punishment, sentenced to six friends, friendship is Gan Gan eleven years and seven months imprisonment, Huang Zhihua was sentenced to life imprisonment in six years and eleven months, sentenced to life imprisonment in six years and three months has four friends of gansu. Look for a needle in the ocean to lock the suspect in late April 2015, the Hainan police received a report from the masses, there is fraud people use mobile phone to send SMS Trojan link. April 28th, the province’s public security organs quickly set up a case investigation. Because the suspect is the use of mobile phone to send trojan virus, to determine their true identity, like look for a needle in the ocean. The police have removed Guangdong, Zhejiang, Guangxi and other provinces, through the investigation of mobile phone card sales outlets, mobile phone card, identity verification of account transfer of bank monitoring means, integrated all kinds of information are analyzed and judged, finally seized a Trojan virus frequently send SMS mobile phone number in Guangzhou. According to the investigation, the group number and mobile phone trojan virus link as the focus of the investigation, in cooperation with the relevant departments, carry out large-scale investigation Mopai work, after two months of hard work, locked the dens of crime. In July 5, 2015, police successfully arrested six friends, friends of the Gan Gan, Gan Yu Yuan and Huang Zhihua 4 suspects, destroyed the dens of crime, the crime seized the computer, mobile phone, bank cards and other items. The use of viruses to intercept personal information, according to investigators, the gang by sending a mobile phone Trojan SMS link, after the victim clicks the phone automatically implanted Trojan program. After the phone is controlled, stored in the phone’s address book and text messages will be stolen. Then, with the name of their victims to the victim’s friends and relatives to send short messages, let them send money to a designated bank account, the implementation of fraud. The victim’s bank card money, they through online transfer or online consumption, the funds will be stolen. The investigation, six friends, Gan Youyuan, Gan Gan, Huang Zhihua four friends through illegal access to the victim’s name, identity card, bank card number and other information on the Internet, using the secret victims bank card consumption, shopping, transfers, illegal profits totaling more than 23 yuan; method of sending to connections by posing as his mobile phone numbers of fraudulent messages, deceive the victim money totaling more than 19.2 yuan. Mobile phone poisoning should be timely warning against such criminal investigators Telecom to remind you that if you receive SMS fraud, should be vigilant and delete the message immediately, and to remind others not to be deceived, do not open the link in the message address application not to download and install them. For promotions, winning, telephone exchange and other information, you can call the official customer service phone to verify the authenticity of the confirmation activities. Once you click on unknown links, the emergence of mobile phone poisoning phenomenon, should be timely alarm,)相关的主题文章: