Collaborative Learning Making Your Knowledge

Business Association is the trend now. Collaborative learning is the process of gaining knowledge without depending on faculties. Gaining knowledge through faculty is an old concept. Today’s buzzing trend is knowledge gathered via association. When a group organizational employees get together at one platform for brainstorming, the out.e is exceptionally well. A group of workers take an organizational issue and start discussing the ins and outs of it. Team leaders instigate the group members to .e up with valuable ideas to solve the problem. Such intensive discussions enhance the listening and cognitive skills of workers in an organization. All this takes place on the web. E-learning consulting firms create knowledge-based .munities for organizational workers. These .munities are like social networks in which workers can .municate their views to each other. Such knowledge .munities float burning topics on emerging trends in industries and ask organizational workers to offer their .ments on the same. By virtue of these .munities employees can .e to know views and perceptions of others. So, it is an interactive experience throughout fit for facing challenges The idea is to arouse urge for experimentation. Discussions in collaborative learning process helps organizational members approach prospects and issues in organizations in a holistic way. The training technique builds capabilities in workers to face tough challenges with ease and cultivate remedies for them. The process makes them fit for tactical thinking under tremendous work pressure. One good example of this is simulation. Simulation is all about creating virtual problematic situations and finding ways to fix them. It is like a rehearsal for facing the future issues that may strike the organization. Such creations of virtual situations are possible on the web .munity of organizational workers. Technology makes it possible. Training software tools create a gaming environment on .puter. Workers act as characters in that virtual situation. Each worker (character) has one animated human for himself. It is all on .puter screen. Workers have to build remedies for the problem. Make your knowledge social to aggrandize it. There is a huge appetite in workers for engagement and socialization. A recent organizational survey states that workers in industries prefer to gain knowledge in a group. This is because, they have the urge to share the things they gain each day. Knowledge without sharing will not benefit workers in any way. Intellect acquired increases hugely when it gets an exposure to an audience. When intellects clash things be.e tremendously productive. E-learning consulting .munities help workers foster higher cognitive skills by offering scope to them to share things they have acquired. Employees can chat with their acquaintances in their associate .panies and share their training fruits. E-learning solutions firms conduct web seminars. Any big event occurring in the corporate arena gets published on the web .munities for workers. Such published pieces ask .munity members to offer their .ments on highlighted industrial topics in them. E-learning solutions .panies float thought-provoking questions on web pages. These questions appear in the form of pop-up boxes on .puter screen. Workers find it a delight to answer them. Also, such the discussion forums invite employees to brainstorm on topics they have read in the published articles. So, it is almost like a social seminar for industrial employees. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: