Corporate bonds early adopters of electronic trading U.S. bond traders in a second winter seaway

Corporate bonds early adopters of electronic trading U.S. bond traders "a second winter" Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The United States bond traders "a second winter" bank profits decline, to reduce costs through layoffs to boost stock prices in recent years is the trend of fixed income traders became the hardest hit, staff was reduced by approximately 50%~60% Zhou Jia John (a pseudonym) in less than 40 years old had been trading at large U.S. bond banks. He graduated from an Ivy League school is very modest, that is given "is to become supervisor, is because of declining profits, banks need to save money". "From the beginning of the financial crisis, the market is not conducive to fixed income trading (fixedincomeflowtrading). At the macro level, interest rates and yields are very low. Demand for talent in the market fell sharply in the wake of the financial crisis, the fixed income trading staff reduced by about 50% to 60%." Selby · Jennings (SelbyJennings) recruitment company is responsible for sales and trading director · pan (DylanPany) told the first financial daily reporters. John’s predecessor has more than 30 years of work experience, very experienced, you can see the salary is very high. Last year, the bank is expected to profit will be less than the previous level, the introduction of a variety of cost saving initiatives. John’s predecessor was the one who decided to retire. As a leader in the younger generation, John was promoted to head of trading position, although he humbly think his advantage lies only in relatively low wages. Bank of US banking giant downsizing trend in recent years in the earnings report issued a warning to investors, said the low volatility of the market and maintain in a narrow range of interest rates has restricted trading activities. On the other hand, the Federal Reserve and the world bank’s monetary policy is difficult to forecast, also let the exchange rate and interest rate and the fixed income trading has become more difficult. Bank profits fell by reducing costs to boost the stock price is the trend in recent years, fixed income traders because of high income, the poor degree of its sector, has become the hardest hit. In October 2015, Credit Suisse Group CEO Tan Tianzhong (TidjaneThiam) said, Credit Suisse will save spending 3 billion 500 million francs before the end of 2018, and cut more than 5 thousand jobs worldwide. Deutsche Bank announced a cut of 15 thousand in 2015 due to a record loss in the third quarter. 2015 fourth quarter, Morgan Stanley announced layoffs of about 1200 people, the proportion of fixed income traders layoffs may be as high as 25%. Goldman’s practice is to cut 5% per year, in order to motivate employees, and to provide a channel for the lower ranks of employees, but this year, Goldman Sachs cut fixed income business employees reached the rate of 10%. In addition to the overall market outside the ring, pan on相关的主题文章: