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Criminal defense lawyer Xu Lanting: I do not think the sacked officials just go on trial procedures – Sohu news October 27, 2016, lawyer Xu Lanting in the office for an interview. He was in the "Ling Jihua case" "Shen Peiping case" and other criminal cases as a defender. Beijing News reporter Wang Fei photo of the public number onion people reprint release (WeChat ID:boyangcongpeople) in November 11, 2016, the Beijing News published 13 anniversary. For 13 years, is set off again in. This year, the Beijing News recorded tens of millions of faces. They are major political conditions or under the influence of the "mother child", single handedly hunt 17 years of peasant; or to the border in the Mekong River after action of the anti drug police, change the world of entrepreneurs in the forefront of innovation, the depths of the mountain cliff village children; or daehyun village affected villagers, the death of Telecom after the prospective students fraud…… Noisy, complex era, but also need to have the world’s initial beliefs and ideals, love and conscience. In the Beijing News published 13 anniversary, we launched a series of reports on "2016 faces". Look back on the helplessness and pain, happiness and happiness of the people. The land under their feet, and the light on their faces, engraved with the imprint of the times, meaning the power of progress. The face: Xu Lanting, the editor of the Beijing News reporter Jia Shiyu | Hu Jie Gu Guo Yi art | Lexiao proofreading | Lu Aiying dialogue character Xu Lanting, a well-known Beijing lawyer, deputy director of the Criminal Defense Committee Chinese lawyers association. In the "Ling Jihua case" Fengshan "case" Shen Peiping case "as a defender. Since the dialogue eighteen, over and above provincial and ministerial level officials jailed. From sacked to sentencing, they disappeared in the public eye for a long time. Here, defense lawyers become an important channel of communication with the outside world. Sacked officials is how the sentencing? How do they choose a lawyer and how they behave in the trial? What is the particularity of defending the sacked officials? We try to use a number of provincial and ministerial level officials to defend the perspective of lawyers, some of the officials from the sacked to the trial before the face of the choices and circumstances. "Defending the corrupt officials, I don’t have a mental disorder." peel onions: what big cases have you been in this year? Xu Lanting: I have some influential cases this year, for example Ling Jihua case, former deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Li Zhi bribery case, more than 300 million yuan Dragon coal executives in Tieyi case, "vocative case" project team leader Feng Zhiming case etc.. Onion peeling: in recent years, you have been more than provincial and ministerial level officials sacked officials defended. In such cases, it is usually the family members to find your commission, or the Legal Aid Center assigned to you? Xu Lanting: provincial and ministerial level officials sacked cases, some of the Legal Aid Center assigned, there are families looking for. Other sacked officials are basically the case of officials to find the family entrusted. Peeling onions: when the families of the sacked officials look for lawyers, usually out of.相关的主题文章: