District Judge Orders Lifelock To Stop Fraud Alerts-darren hayes

Bankruptcy Customers of Lifelock have been told by US District Judge Andrew Guilford that the fraud alerts placed on their credit files were done so illegally. This is because fraud alerts were planned to be put into place by an individual thought to be in danger from identity theft. They were not set up for business to place them at a rate of 100,000+ every 4 weeks. It was successfully argued by Experian thatLifelock abused the method by charging their customers $10 a month and then expecting Experian to do the work on behalf of them for without charge. Lifelock currently make over $10 Million a month from their service while Experian claimed doing the work Lifelock got paid for cost them numerous million a year. While this is going to have major consequences for the identity theft protection industry, it’s not all doom and gloom for consumers. Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists (C.I.T.R.M.S) have long questioned the usefulness of such services as they worried clients tended to be over confident as to the quantity of defense they in reality had. For instance, while a fraud alert can help safeguard a person from financial identity theft, the crime itself only accounts for around 25% of all identity thefts. It cannot guard you against someone applying for a driver’s permit in your name or using your social security number to get work and then embezzle from the place of work. It’s worth noting that there are known to be at least 20 illegal driving licenses in circulation in the name of Lifelock CEO Todd Davis, all obtained with his social security number that he showed in the advertisements for his corporation. To better shield yourself you need to take a look at the bigger picture. For sure monitoring your credit report will help protect you against financial identity theft and you should learn how to place your own fraud alerts, demand your credit file and get yourself off of all the pre-approved credit card offers. All of the above can be done for free and in about 15 minutes maximum and covers all a service such as Lifelock were offering previous to the court ruling. You must also take simple protection such as buying a paper shredder so you can correctly annihilate papers before throwing them in the trash. Think about doing your banking online to do away with paper bank statements. The less in the post for you the less chance of it going missing. Eliminate items from your wallet or purse that are not required. Seriously, how many times a week do you get asked for your social security number? Put it somewhere safe so that should your wallet or purse go missing, your SS card doesn’t. Its the same with your credit cards. There is no reason to carry more than 1 card at a time. With these effortless, free measures you can give yourself far more protection than you would be getting if signed up with a business like Lifelock. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: