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Home-Improvement When you have a damp crawl space, it is no small problem. A crawl space vapor barrier can solve the musty smell .ing from your damp crawl space. Even if you have a crawl space with a dirt floor, a crawl space vapor barrier can take care of the problems. By sealing off the vents and conditioning the space, this can serve to make your home healthier. By waterproofing and sealing the crawl space, you may find that your family has fewer unexplained bouts with breathing problems. Damp Equals Mildew We all know that dampness breeds a malodorous atmosphere; the smell of mustiness just gets worse as time goes on. Even with a concrete or wood floor, there is no avoiding the smell that emanates from a crawl space that is not .pletely sealed off and kept dry. By opting for a crawl space vapor barrier, you will keep all of the dampness out of your crawl space. If you use this area for storage, you will protect your belongings from mildew and mold–you also have a good chance of keeping a mouse infestation from occurring. Could Your Crawl Space be Used for Storage? Taking your dirt floor crawl space from a damp, unusable area and turning it into a place where you can store things without worrying about mold and mildew will add value to your house. It will also give you peace of mind, knowing that you have sealed the space off from the elements. A crawl space vapor barrier can ac.plish all this once you have it installed. Moisture is an enemy of your possessions as well as an enemy of your house. Mold can be very costly and because it spreads and grows, if it starts in your crawl space, it can soon get a foothold inside your house. Lengthen the Life of Your Home You can take a step toward protecting your house by installing a crawl space vapor barrier. Stopping the moisture at the walls will go a long way in your efforts to protect the home which you selected with such care. Taking care of this before it a serious problem will allow you to live in your home for years to .e, knowing that the moisture is sealed out of your space. Of course, if you fail to waterproof your crawl space, you could find your home slowly going the way of the buffalo. As water sits and support systems rot, you can count on mildew and maybe even that dreaded mold to take over. Eventually you could even find the foundational supports of your home .pletely collapsing. Not only will this ruin your home, but it is also extremely unsafe for anyone who might be inside. Take control of your living space, every last square foot of it. When you decide that wasted space is useful and you have a purpose for it, you will take the first opportunity to have a crawl space vapor barrier installed by a professional contractor. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: