Dota new force inventory has become or is about to become 9000 points players widcomm

DOTA has become the new power inventory or will become the 9000 player source: 766APP, author of GHE from 9000 Miracle to God only, now many 9000 year old and 9000 year old quasi dota circle pattern in the world, recently seems to have been in a sudden change in the situation. A year ago the world dota circle, between the ladder and occupation does not seem to be closely related to what. When w33ha became the world’s first 8000 points of the game player, the impression of his people still remain in a second tier team played for Meterwave skills and even a lot of people with his brother, Ti5 qualifying defeat to make fun of him. Today, however, he has been among the world’s top single in the ranks, a special championship, a special event and Ti runner up runner up results also made him one of the most successful players in 2016. In this year, the ultimate ladder was also once again refresh 850090009100…… In this popular global ladder boom, more and more original is not that well known young players fame, and they will become the backbone of a new batch of DOTA ring. Then this article will count those who had 9000 points, and is about to hit the next generation of talented players in the 9000. 1 the king of the Miracle when the ladder in just a few short branches second team played ladder score player by notail and fly phase, his challenge will be rampant: high can play good occupation? Passers by so show, see the game? When the Monkey or Bussiness OG in Europe through the trials, this question is still not stopped: your child dishes are very strong, playing in the top team, you can really show up? Until the Frankfurt Championships, when he was faced with another high ladder game player W33 station in the final stage, and with perfect performance. W33 raised the Eagle Song bow, the question was completely calm. To establish hegemony in the spring and Autumn period of OG, it is to establish his tactical skills as the core to stand on the top of the world, but he also used his precise equipment and perfect operation of the opponent’s hope and doubt completely smashed together. However, there is no perfect story, the first year of his fame also suffered a setback. A huge defeat on the Ti6 OG directly fall apart after Miracle, his teammates have left his guide and chose the notail part company each going his own way. At present the most popular news is he will replace fata liquid to join team, if the message is true, that he and another score player Matumbaman fit is unlimited. 2 is the fate of the prodigal son Arteezy – strictly speaking, Arteezy is not new. Second in the world’s first 9000 game player debut in Kaipi, after being invited to his friend EE, who met bone7 visa issues participated in the MLG Clombus game. And this superstar in the first time to participate in the game broke out a huge light. In a single, Daniel and his blackbird shredder deadly opponent.相关的主题文章: