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Dr. Mo: iPhone 7 is a dilemma, to buy or not to buy it? Recode Chinese station reported in September 14th the famous American technology products evaluation expert Walter · Moss Berg (Walt Mossberg, commonly known as "Dr. Mo", pictured left) today wrote that Apple released the latest iPhone 7 intelligent mobile phone let him in the choice in the end is the point in a nice hobble, buy or not buy, compared with the previous. This choice is more difficult. The following is the main content of this article. At first glance, it would be hard to say exactly what the difference between Apple’s iPhone 7 and the Plus smartphone, which will be on sale on Friday, and the 2015 version of iPhone and the version of the smartphone in the year of 2014. They look almost exactly the same, and size. However, if the user hand touch, the difference will be clear. 7 iPhone and 7 Plus mobile phone equipped with a better camera, longer battery life, with waterproof function, the storage space is doubled, more importantly, the price compared with the previous version of iPhone is no more. In addition, if the user further observation, but also found some other things: previously has existed for a long time a very good standard headset jack was gone, originally this headset jack can fit all of the user’s ear plugs and headset. Of course, I know, I’m not crazy about it. Previously, I used 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus has been nearly a week, the two mobile phone has significantly improved the performance of iOS 10 operating system (the system will start from today to the popularity of iPhone series mobile phone version of the old). Of course, I was impressed by the two new versions of the phone, but I also felt a little bored and. Here, I would like to make the following explanations. Impressive overall, apple this year launched a new version of iPhone series intelligent mobile phone impressive is that this is a very good mobile phone, mobile phone iPhone Series in many aspects are better than the previous version, although the design does not change, but also remove the previous version of the standard headset jack. Here, I focus on the new version of the iPhone 7 series of smart phones, the most impressed me the most of the characteristics of the five. First, apple storage capacity of each price level of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus two intelligent mobile phone has doubled, from the lowest 32GB capacity (small iPhone 7 is priced at $649) started, until the 256GB (maximum capacity iPhone 7 Plus price to be expensive, $969). Apple’s storage capacity is the new version of iPhone, but the storage capacity be long in coming, although improved, but the new version of iPhone price did not increase too much, for example, the larger size of the iPhone 7 Plus is only similar to last year.相关的主题文章: