Earthquake Kits How Much Food And Water Should Your Earthquake Kit

UnCategorized If you are in a place where you are putting together an emergency survival kit, the first thing that you need to think about is how many people you are making it for. First start with water. For every person and pet that you have along, you’ll need at least one gallon of water a day for utility and drinking purposes. It is possible to get by on less, but why not just be extra careful? It might feel as though a gallon a day overkill, but the truth of the matter is that water is one of the most important resources that you can have at your disposal. People can get by a lot longer without food than without water and if you end up dealing with the unexpected, this is something that you will be more grateful for than not. When you are out and about, make sure that you drink at least two quarts of water a day. If you are in a hot clime, up that number to three to four quarts, especially if you are dealing with someone who is sick, pregnant or a child. Running short on water means cutting back on things like washing, but make sure that you do not ration your drinking water. Drink however much it takes to feel comfortable and purify more for your future needs. Dehydration makes it much harder to think and thinking clearly during an emergency situation is imperative. Consider using factory sealed containers to store your water in. You can also just use your own water containers, as long as you make sure that they are sealed tightly and that they are sanitized before you fill them. Plastic milk jugs will degrade over time, and stay away from breakable containers. Change out your water supplies at least every six months. When you are dealing with food, you are going to need to keep up your strength. What foods do you eat often? Storing things you actually like can be quite important. Make sure that you stock non-perishable foods that do not need to be refrigerated, prepared or cooked. Also look into making sure that you are going to have the vitamin and mineral supplements that your body needs as well as something to address your protein needs. There is a lot of conflicting information out there about how much food you can store in case of emergencies and you will hear things that range from three days to two weeks. Remember that it is always better to have too much food than tool little, and that ideally, you want to make sure that you are going to get at least one full nutritious meal a day. If you are going to be doing a lot of physical labor, it should ideally be more. When you are not going to be doing a lot of labor over the course of the day, you may find that less than half of the calories that you are used to getting will be able to get you by. Plan for each healthy person getting about 1100 calories every day. Remember that kids might be a little bit dismayed by not doing as much as they want and that you may need to be firm. In that case, just sleep with your can opener under your pillow! If you are going to run into your water supplies running low, you will want to make sure that you are not going to want to eat a lot of fatty, salty, high protein foods. They can be dehydrating. Instead, consider eating salt free crackers, canned food with a high liquid content, and whole grain cereals. When eating food out of cans, remember that you should stay away from cans that are dented, swollen or corroded, due to fear of botulism. Consider what foods need to be replaced on a regular basis, and always make sure that you do your research! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: