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Business January 8, 2008 San Diego, California In the news I read over the Internet from Jess Ristine, a writer from San Diego Union-Tribune, as he discussed the concrete garbage (tons of it) that has been dumped, spoiling a hillside private property a hundred feet or more for over a month. A concerned homeowner, J. Franklin Reynolds stressed, There’s tons of concrete over there pointing from the backyard of his deceased father-in-law lived. Added to his woes are the construction debris’ that may have posed like rodent infestations and fire hazard from the wooden pallets found on-site. Apparently, the landowner, where the construction garbage was dumped is unaware of the illegal dumping on her property. The Environment Services Department office sent a formal notice to the property owner and has set an abatement deadline to clean it up. If ever the property owner disregarded the abatement order, she will risk getting billed for the work if the city has to hire a construction cleanup contractor. Every year, an American home generates more than a hundred million tons of "trash" in a year. By definition, a waste or a trash is anything that is a scrap, a product of the products we use at home from crumpled paper to empty water bottles, garden refuse, domestic waste from pets, and etc. For us, it is as easy as throwing our garbage in the dumpster and let the waste collectors transport it to waste incineration facilities or landfills. But the more we rely on .mercial garbage disposals service, the more we forget that a creation of a trash starts from us. Improper garbage disposal has adverse effects to our environment thereby creating pollutions and risks the health of everyone around us. And I certainly hope that everyone is as firm as I am about this matter that everyone should practice proper garbage disposal. Like the incident I referred in this article, the act is shameless. Whoever dumped the concrete debris in the hill should have contacted a .mercial garbage disposals service instead of dumping rubbishes to a perfectly, unpolluted natural resource. Sad to say that even if we all know the basics of waste management and how to do it, but some of us slack in the action. Managing our wastes at home takes discipline, per se, in separating the biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste segregation. Though waste managing has taken many concepts and forms over the years, the basic concept has remained the cornerstone of most waste minimization strategies: the 3Rs reduce, reuse, and recycle. ### About the Author: 相关的主题文章: