Energy Healing For Sports

Triathlon Recovery time for Sporting injuries can be reduced by using Energy Healing. Energy Healing can also prevent injuries from happening. Before I understood Energy Healing or created the HEART Energy Healing System I had a small number of injuries that showed up while participating in sporting activities. I wish I had known the power of Energy Healing at that time. As an age Triathlon .petitor I have had Achilles tendon injuries in the past and they take a lot of rest and exercises to heal, using conventional therapy. This process took 4 to 5 months before I could resume full training. However after I discovered how to heal my self using Energy Healing, I had another Achilles tendon injury a little worse than the first sporting injury incident. Using the information learned from energy healing I quickly removed the original disturbances and restored all my Aura and Chakra Energy Fields and a few others like my Core Star and Hara line. With in 3 days I was walking 300 yards and running slowly 100 yards and then restoring all my Energy Fields. I repeated this procedure gradually increasing the distance and doing the energy healing if necessary. Within 7 days I continued this 3 to 1 walking and jogging gradually increasing the distance until I was able to jog continuously with no walking or pain and then gradually increased the running speed and distance. I was .pletely recovered in less than 3 weeks with no other treatment and able to return to normal training. This is the power of removing the original cause and restoring Life Energy Fields. Energy Healing happens very quickly and generally eliminated the reoccurring of such injuries. I have since discovered there is always a cause and an affect. If we are alert we can remove the original cause before the sporting injury manifests; although you will need to learn some basics or consult a reputable energy healer. About the Author: By: anjali – Nainital is a well known slope station on the Kumaon foothills, in the condition of Uttarakhand. It is a standout amongst the most prominent summer getaways in India and d … By: Vonnie Buchanan – Another point to consider when fixing your roof is the reach of the restore job. Based on the roof kind, you will be able to give a different look and really feel to your … By: Mia Frizzell – Yes, you need a goal or two, because the goal is as important as the camera, but not if you can afford to skimp. The .plete range of digital cameras is available in all … By: Jenson Phillips – The sole purpose for having your individual website is good for having people visit it. In order for visitors to know that your blog exists, you should advertise to exhibi … By: Mia Frizzell – Yes, you need a goal or two, because the goal is as important as the camera, but not if you can afford to skimp. The .plete range of digital cameras is available in all … By: Carmel Agee – your yeast infection and are not looking for methods to temporary treat. Allicine is a very strong anti-fungal agent occurring naturally in some plants. Vinegar is also he … By: Carmelo Kinney – nIt is just essential to tend to yourself as soon as you be a new mum, mainly because it was once you were pregnant. Here is my blog … weight loss after pre … By: Lorraine Danford – Wild hair Eradication strategies involve a range of solutions to temporarily or .pletely get rid of undesirable physique frizzy. Feel free to surf to my web … By: Harris Proctor – They in some cases overlook the accurate usage in the car in his or her life style. In this way you are able to easily grab any variety of utilised police automobile at m … By: Harris Proctor – Then do some research to discover out what one of the most well-known selling cars are inside your location before you decide to attend a sale. You’ll desire to not conti … 相关的主题文章: