Excellent grain to create operating system to resolve the problem of standardized takeaway products pretty rhythm

Excellent grain to create operating system to resolve the problem of standardization of takeaway products – Sohu technology recently, the media exposure of a series of black takeaway event once again sparked concerns about people selling food safety. Operating without a license, selling expired food, poor kitchen sanitation, competitive ranking…… Any one industry will meet problems in the process of maturing, encountered the problem is the takeaway O2O been a cause for concern, because food safety is closely related to people’s life, the user tolerance will be lower compared to the electricity supplier industry etc.. For users, the fly is the necessary quality takeaway. In the industrial side, take out "reliable" determines whether the service provider "of vital importance". 2015 takeaway O2O subsidy war, takeaway platform is no longer obsessed with access to incremental users, but the industry’s focus shifted to the competition for the stock of users. Among them, how to ensure that products and services are favored by users is the most important in this contest. So how to take off the fly how it was born? In addition to government regulation in place, the industry should be how to self innovation? When the number of side burn takeaway platform for users to explore business model, excellent technology has created a closed-loop grain takeout system, focus on the optimization and integration of the whole industry. They solve the problem of standardization in the takeaway industry to ensure the quality and service improvement. The fundamental reason of restricting the development of the industry is what "reliable" takeaway contains users on food safety, quality, delivery efficiency and other basic needs, these needs now is not completely satisfied, traced, and closely related to the characteristics of takeaway industry. The prosperity of the takeaway O2O with the rapid development of mobile Internet, in such a mobile Internet era, takeaway industry also has its typical industry characteristics: one is the height of the Internet users; two is the standard level of industry is low; three is the normalization of business innovation. In this one, the industry’s low degree of standardization is regarded as the biggest bottleneck in the development of the shackles of the industry, but also to allow takeaway products do not fly, the root cause. For example, in the traditional small restaurant chef, the type and quantity of materials, there are great differences between the price, cost and manpower are difficult to control, even if the single success is often only solitary case, difficult to copy. At present, the mainstream takeaway platform, the docking of many small restaurants due to the lack of unified management and quality control, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of products and services. Founded less than two years of young companies excellent grain living technology, from the beginning to realize this and to solve the problem. They hope to build a whole industry of "operating system", which is the takeaway industry related upstream and downstream enterprises are considered standard, including farm suppliers, crude processing plants, food processing stations and distribution partners etc.. As iOS to Apple mobile phone, its core is through the establishment of IT system, will have relations with all the information delivery access IT system, and the allocation of resources, so as to solve the problem of industry standard output. According to the excellent grain life science and technology CIO Wang Pei introduction, they use the holographic IT system,.相关的主题文章: