Fashion outfit with Skoda crystal sharp on the school yuanjiao

Fashion outfit with Skoda crystal sharp on the school for many people, summer often means "big underpants vest slippers". In fact, comfort does not prevent the influx of people’s pursuit of fashion, regardless of color or bold collocation, clever use of "all" small accessories, can significantly enhance the fashion temperament. Like from the Volkswagen Skoda brand high-end boutique A0 class car Jingrui, not only provides high comfortable configuration, but also has high color of memorable value, easily become the focus of vision. Simple and refreshing younger: sharp lines and smooth body summer wear, refreshing is king, for example, a simple T-shirt + hit this year wide leg pants or stay evergreen OP is a good choice. However, it is important to note that the more basic money, the more critical fit fit. Skoda elite understands this, vehicle with a number of simple sharp lines, so that the vehicle can be more slender and refined. On the roof, the sharp straight line design classic Skoda, not only reduces the resistance to the rear passengers to provide ample space in the head; sharp waist line through the head and tail, full of a sense of power and speed; the tail is consistent, clear and delicate. At the same time, wide application of crystal cutting design style is also full of tough Jingrui temperament, hood, side and rear parts everywhere stereoscopic type cutting surface is full, creating a strong sense of the level of lighting effects.   color: color not Zhuangshan roof and rich interior even basic models of the most simple, as long as the good use of bright colors and bold color collocation, can also harvest the one and only fashion style, to avoid the embarrassment of zhuangshan. Skoda has sharp white, red, Latin Jazz music, pop and other blue yellow body color, bright; the roof part provided according to the different types of black and white 2 color roof, according to the owners preferences collocation "custom" personality fashion appearance.     at the same time, also provides the most elite 6 interior color style choices, whether it is the dynamic passion red, black or trendy young elegant Warm Beige tone, and colorful body collision can have a unique style of visual experience. IT single product touch: imported headlights with LED daytime running lights sometimes, one or two kind of fashion accessories can summer look a lot of extra points. Whether it is from last year has been the fire to this year’s increase in the number of retro glasses, or all kinds of material color of the choker, or is stacked to wear gold bracelets and so on, so that it seems to be dressed in the ordinary sense of fashion immediately.     as a young fashion boutique car, Skoda also knows the crystalline bother, the details of lift. For example, Jingrui import headlight with lens, higher brightness, better lighting effects; LED daytime running lights bright not dazzling, not only than the ordinary halogen bulb is more energy saving and environmental protection, and the identification of high, help other vehicles and pedestrians to clearly identify the location of the vehicle, to enhance traffic safety. In addition, the hood still Jingrui logo, grille, steering wheel, shift handle used chrome trim, the vehicle more exquisite fashion.相关的主题文章: