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Feelings of the world’s largest Miao settlements, Qianhu Miao Village Tourism – Sohu in the autumn of the year, invited to South TV "drunken beauty of Xijiang Miao Village micro photography contest" for free once again into the Xijiang river. The car quickly went out of the city, in the rugged mountain began winding, beautiful mountain scenery in the US have flash. Already in the bookman lofty mountains and steep hills painters was unveiled. In the bamboo house or the wooden house in the jungle, some stand beside the gurgling streams along the way. The rugged mountain road, we finally came to this village far from the city. A group dressed in costumes of the Miao people in a circle, now singing, now dancing. There is a ceremony presided over by the old man, in leading the transformation of dance formation. They are dressed in Miao clothes, wearing a beautiful silver, sing sing, swaying, moving slowly around the circle, is truly remarkable. Dressed in gorgeous girls holding a wine with horns, Lusheng playing light on tiptoe, warmly welcome every guest from afar. The car battery lead us along the winding mountain road and the gurgling brook, and soon came to a close in the depths of the mountains have Yourenruzhi folk customs strong village — Qianhu Miao village. As the name suggests, Qianhu Miao village with thousands of households. Guizhou terrain dominated by mountains, flat rare. It is crowded in the narrow area of Miao mountain, Hill layers, covered with houses on stilts. A long old lane and many alleys, people will Xijiang together. Perhaps, every piece of the alley was stepped on the glowing pebbles is a history. The Xijiang River is known as "seedling", known as "the Miao nationality culture and Art Museum", is a living fossil of the history and culture of Miao nationality "". Xijiang Miao village was built, Diaojiao floor layers, this was one of the fifth great migration of Miao gathered. Although most of the village people can easily be fluent in Chinese, but the Hmong folk customs, still, still live in a simple and natural life. It is difficult to imagine, in the modern traces everywhere today, but also feel the breath of life hundreds of years ago, this reverence for the national culture so I do not consciously admire the people here. Stand high and look, Xijiang Miao village more than 1 thousand and 200 households most built in multi degrees slope. The skilled craftsmen with wisdom in the hands of the Miaoling depths built a magnificent and majestic grand Pavilion of heaven. Every house wooden foundations with stones piled up, the slope is steep, the house is also higher. The stockade, two floor towards one side of the road often there will be a sudden on the bar, the locals call it "beauty" — a woman in the spare time can comfortably sitting in beauty, embroidery, chat, mountain breeze blow. From afar, opposite the two low hills, countless wooden layers, bathed in the setting sun, black roof suffused with gray light, red light boards staggered, white river winding through the village. Green trees, terraces, q相关的主题文章: