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Alternative Fertility clinics use multiple therapies to get desired results for patients. They adopt time tested alternative medicines to treat chronic disorders. Trends to adopt alternative therapies are increasing with health gaining more primacy. Allopathy continues to dominate world diseases and disorder health treatment market, and while its earlier cousins of Eastern medicine is gradually gaining ground in western markets, other therapies add to the synergies of treatment. But while market trends suggest that clients continue to resort to allopathic treatment methods for their early symptomatic relief, when taking care of their health for long term disorders where allopathy does not seem to hold any possibility like regaining male or female fertility, experts believe alternative treatments like eastern Chinese medicines provided by fertility clinics can hold hope. The World Health Organization estimates that between 65 to 80 percent of the world’s population (about 3 billion people) rely on traditional (alternative) medicine as their primary form of health care. The figures also shows that use of alternative medicines accounted for 70-90 percent, while only 10-30 per cent of people use conventional medicine, worldwide. Medical research shows that therapists for various disease and disorder treatment need to use a variety or .bination of therapies, including traditional Chinese medicine, when treating people for various kinds illnesses. The adoption trend of alternative treatment methods highlights that no single therapy can hold good of any one illness, disorder or disease and unless a .bination of the therapies are used no desired results can be obtained for the patient satisfactorily. If you look at the use traditional medicine and their adoption as alternative medicine which is probably higher in the world, they are accounting for the majority of satisfied treatment results across the population seeking treatment for various illnesses. While satisfactory results from alternative medicine will encourage availability of more alternatives in the market, and hopes that traditional Chinese medicine will eventually be.e a treatment of choice, in the market right dominated by conventional medicine, and it will more so of fertility clinics. Conventional medicines have gained confidence from large number of therapists and patients for their immediate symptomatic relief, and alternative medicines are gaining to ground due to their long term relief for chronic illness and to avoid prolonged allopathic medication and their side effects. Besides, if you are concerned about long term treatment for your chronic illness or fertility disorders then your opting for alternative medicines or a fertility clinic would take you a long way in spite of using conventional medicine, because alternative medicine treats the cause. You aren’t going to change much of your health treatment between adopting both the treatment methods when it .es to satisfactory results. The WHO data also revealed a number of current trends among National Health Service provider and user to adopt alternative medicine. One in 10 American use alternative medicine; One in three prescribed medicine in Germany is a herb; and 12 per cent of Fortune 500 .panies offer alternative medicines as a part of health care .pensation packages. This trend is significant as we begin to see higher satisfactory results for the patients from treatment through traditional Chinese medicines even for those other than fertility. 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