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Health One of those locations is the Acibadem Healthcare Group located in Istanbul, Turkey. The Acibadem Healthcare Group offers six general hospitals and medical centers, outpatient clinics, laboratories, and an ophthalmology center. The hospital facilities offer services for patients both domestically and abroad, and the international patient center staff at the healthcare group offer effective and timely responses to international questions and concerns regarding treatment plans, prospective length of stay, and prices that include not only medical care, but ac.modation costs. Treatments Acibadem Healthcare Group provides a wealth of treatments and technologies including but not limited to cornea transplants, innovations in hip prosthesis technologies, IVF treatments, oncology, congenital heart disease care, cataract surgeries, and brachitherapy and prostate cancer care, among others. The facilities offer advanced technology and information system networks and a genetic diagnosis center. Offering emergency and ambulance services, a pain clinic, dentistry procedures and surgeries, nutrition and dietetics, pediatric care, general surgery, physical therapy and rehabilitation as well as dermatology, ophthalmologist, obstetrics and gynecology services, orthopedics, internal medicine and nuclear medicine, Acibadem Healthcare Group provides services in a wide range of fields. The Acibadem Cancer Center was recently awarded over seven million dollars, and has invested nearly $50 million in cancer treatment technologies, equipment, devices, and services. Acibadem Healthcare Group is a leader in cancer care treatment, procedures and techniques in the world. Qualifications Acibadem Healthcare Group is accredited by the JCI (Joint .missions International) and strives to provide Health Care Services following standards and guidelines of the Joint .mission International, and has been accepted into the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) and is also ISO certified. Earning over $250 million a year, the success and popularity of Acibadem Healthcare Group and hospitals is a direct result of their dedication and .mitment to quality health care. Says Mehmet Ali Aydinlar, CEO of the Acibadem Healthcare Group, "The secret of our success is our vision and ability to make the right investments of the right time. Maintaining a good team, providing excellent and .passionate care and providing individuals from around the world with relevant, effective and quality technologies are factors in our success." Healthcare in Turkey Privately owned hospitals and facilities as well as international medical centers are available to citizens, international travelers and expatriates in Turkey’s major cities of Istanbul, Kusadasi, and Izmir. Partnering with PlacidWay, a medical tourism portal based in Denver, Colorado, Acibadem Healthcare Group is growing in popularity and reputation. Pramod Goel, CEO and Founder of PlacidWay says, "The excellence in care, the quality of the facilities, equipment and technology as well as .passionate care offered by facilities such as the Acibadem Healthcare Group are why borderless medical care and medical tourism is growing." Turkey is fast growing a reputation as being an international medical destination for cosmetic dentistry, fertility treatments, cosmetic surgical procedures and cancer treatment and citizens from Armenia, Albania and Western Russia often travel to Turkey for fast, efficient, and affordable healthcare that offers quality, affordable and effective results. Medical Tourism In Turkey Turkey is a land of ancient history, offering international visitors a wealth of opportunities to visit ancient Greek ruins, vacationing on prince island, or sightseeing the ancient ruins of Troy. Turkey is also a land of modern technology, ac.modations and world-class and dining opportunities. Travelers visiting to Istanbul are guaranteed the amenities of 21st century living that offers some of the best medical care and facilities in the world, friendly and .passionate people and a destination that will never be f.otten. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: