Ford released mobile application software to share vehicle driving data jodie foster

Ford released a mobile phone application software can share the data according to the vehicle driving car website Autocar recently reported that Ford in 2016 the United States of Las Vegas modified car parts Exhibition (SEMA) released a new intelligent mobile phone APP – Ford APP (Ford Performance App) performance, the APP can use mobile phone to record data compatible with Ford sports car. The new Ford GT will be available in 2017. The APP with the latest Ford entertainment system Sync 3 is connected to the telemetry, data analysis, using a mobile phone camera to record video, sharing route through social media and friends, can transfer to the laptop or computer. Ford’s commitment to the APP next year can be used by the most popular smartphone platform. The APP can achieve a variety of different recording methods, but also for the video to include the line layout, virtual instruments and statistical data, including data. Ford performance global director Dave Pericak said that the APP is designed to enable customers to operate in a way that can be shared in a shared way, the biggest advantage is to be able to track the route, easy to share with friends footprints and data. Vendors to provide performance related APP growing, Ford in the forefront. BMW’s M Laptimer records are compatible with automotive sensing data and provide analysis tools. Ferrari telemetry records and analyzes travel data, and data synchronization by a single camera device. Other vendors, including General Company, use the car hardware and external software for performance records and data analysis.相关的主题文章: