Foreign media the United States has invested heavily in arms to secure military superiority in China tsumori chisato

Foreign media: the United States has invested heavily in arms to secure the comprehensive upgrade China military advantage data figure: U. S. Zumwalt class stealth destroyer will be delivered to the United States Navy original title: foreign media: the United States has invested heavily in arms to China upgrade military superiority according to U.S. media quoted as saying the October 5th Millie, U.S. Army chief of staff Mark · Millie, 4 at the annual meeting of the association of the army said troops enjoyed 70 years of military advantage is rapidly shrinking. He said that Russia and China have been vigorously military modernization, and intends to take advantage of the weakness of the U.S. military to challenge the international security order. The U.S. must quickly make strategic and structural adjustment, development and improve their global combat capability. For example, he said, the future of the army to have the ability to sink the enemy ships, shot down enemy aircraft. In the face of thousands of U.S. troops from dozens of countries and representatives of the military, he warned of a potential rival to the US military, if containment efforts fail, the U.S. military will beat the opponent completely defeated opponents have never experienced. Reported that over the past few years, the U.S. is facing major challenges in many areas, including from Russia and other countries China overbearing situation, and the U.S. military has serious difficulties, the formation of some of the people said the Allies do not trust, do not fear the enemy situation. According to Russia’s "Red Star" reported on October 5th, The Pentagon in the next 5 years will spend tens of billions of dollars for renewal in the Asia Pacific region and improve the equipment in the area of military power, take this as a potential rival to not pleasing accident. The United States plans to deploy 60% of its naval and air forces in the Asia Pacific region by 2020. The day before, the United States Secretary of defense Carter Carle visited the naval base in San Diego · Vinson aircraft carrier made the above statement. He said, "the United States has started to deploy Marines deployed in Okinawa, the original forces will move to Australia, Hawaii and Guam new station". Carter explained that Guam is located in the Pacific Ocean, playing the role of the strategic center. According to reports, as everyone knows, the United States did so, because of concerns about the rising strength Chinese. If China was previously known as the "world factory", it is now actively exploring space, the preparation of computer programs, the production of advanced communication tools. China’s leadership has said that China will become the world’s scientific and technological power by 2050. In other words, from the China economy, science and technology, the military potential of the existing assessment point of view, China objectively can be seen as the United States to compete with the global top spot in the real rival. Carter added, "and other similar surprises are planned," "we are ascending" Virginia "- class nuclear submarine combat force, the way is equipped" Tomahawk "cruise missile two times expansion. We are also investing heavily in the production of unmanned submarines with different sizes and tonnage. In shallow water, such submarines are more efficient, but not the general submarine". According to reports, according to Carter’s position, the United States plans for the next 5 years for the B-21 strategic bombers and radar projects to spend more than $12 billion, and will allocate $56 billion for the U.S. Navy and marine corps.相关的主题文章: