Foreign private consumption will be locked and Shenzhen Tong exhibition industry is still poor finis didadi

Foreign private consumption will be locked and Shenzhen Tong exhibition industry is still poor "goal" Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Foreign private exhibition industry is still poor "goal" – the reporter intern reporter Cao Chengyu Wu Juanjuan in September 23rd, China Securities Investment Fund Industry Association held a foreign private equity fund managers registered in Beijing work forum, the first batch of more than 20 foreign institutions are positive attitude towards them. However, industry sources, although the positive attitude of various agencies, but it is not easy to quickly enter the mainland market. On the one hand, foreign institutions in mainland China to set up the company is not much, there are fewer and fewer registered. And now registered industrial and commercial enterprises to tighten investment, to further increase the difficulty of the exhibition industry. On the other hand, some subsidiaries of foreign institutions heavily nested, used to control the mainland subsidiary of the company, and some have not been able to obtain financial license in the region, in accordance with the provisions of the industry can not be. The reporter was informed that a few have the ability to "jump start" mechanism are set up in Shanghai free trade zone. They said they will lock the large consumer and Shenzhen tong. It is reported that part of the agency’s investment style sound, annual turnover of not more than 20%, which means that the domestic people are expected to close contact with the "legend" of foreign institutions "value investment". A number of preparations for the exhibition industry China Securities Investment Fund Industry Association said that this group of positive foreign institutions including BlackRock, Fidelity International, Aberdeen information management, information management, Morgan, UBS overseas Deutsche information management, overseas partners more than 20 well-known international institutions. According to regulations, foreign institutions to carry out private securities business in mainland China need to set up the main body of mainland companies. However, the reporter was informed that the current meeting of some foreign institutions, in fact, has not set up a company in mainland China, and some only offices. Although the company set up in Hongkong, but according to regulations, in the field of information management, Hongkong companies can not count the mainland companies. Another obstacle is that since the first quarter of 2016, regulators have tightened the registration of investment in industrial and commercial enterprises, has not yet relaxed. This means that it is not easy for foreign companies to set up companies in mainland china. However, an industry believes that perhaps this kind of foreign institutions in the registration area will have a green channel, after all, allowing foreign institutions to carry out private business in China is the result of the Sino US talks. The FTA is expected to "jump start" player is expected to grab the opportunities of foreign institutions to issue in the mainland market, are Shanghai FTA "player background". It is reported that foreign institutions involved in the forum, a small number of companies have been set up in the mainland, mainly in the Shanghai free trade zone. Information management, such as Morgan, UBS and overseas partners overseas investment. Set up in September last year Aberdeen investment general manager Liu Xiaodou told China Securities Daily reporter, currently private securities investment business is still early. UBS, which was established in August last year, also said that the mainland’s securities private business is being prepared. According to incomplete information on the website of the Securities Investment Fund Industry Association相关的主题文章: