Former Israeli President Peres has been admitted to intensive care unit for stroke jiuyaogan

Former Israeli President Peres stroke admission in the ICU treatment – Beijing, Beijing, 14 September, according to Central News Agency reports, former Israeli President Peres says the 93 year old Peres 13 "serious stroke", currently in the ICU for treatment. Doctor Chris (Yitzhak Kreis) in Tel Aviv, near the hospital for treatment outside the hospital, told reporters that Peres, today, a severe stroke, a large amount of bleeding ". Chris said that in the intensive care unit, Peres was sedated and put on a respirator. Data figure: former Israeli Prime Minister Peres. His office said earlier that he was in a stable condition and he was fully conscious. He was receiving the necessary treatment, and later issued a statement saying the doctor decided to put him in an induced coma and rely on an artificial respirator. "The doctor of the former president, Peres, decided to give him a sedative and put him in a position to continue treatment," the statement said." The statement said that Peres will receive X ray computed tomography, in order to make full and updated assessment of his situation. Peres won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994, he stepped down as president in 2014, but is still active in the public domain. Peres in January this year had two admissions for heart discomfort.相关的主题文章: