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Automobiles As you might know, San Jose, California is one to best locations for a limousine service. The city has a large number of people (close to a million) and its prime location next to San Francisco makes the number of potential customers even large. There are four large groups of limousine customers in San Jose. Let’s try to take a look at each of them. 1 Silicon Valley Millionaires San Jose is the hearth of Silicon Valley. Year after year Silicon Valley has spawned numerous millionaires that have be.e rich because of their high tech ideas and excellent technical skills. Some of these people have chosen to improve they life style and therefore enjoy limousine transportation as often as possible. Some San Jose residents might even take a limousine several times a week or everyday. 2 Silicon Valley .panies In addition to the many Silicon Valley millionaires, San Jose is the home of several large .panies. Most of these .panies are specialized in high tech and electronics and includes the headquarters of such famous brands as Adobe, Cisco and Ebay. Other large .panies like for example Hewleet-Packard, IBM and Lockhead Martin have large facilities in the city. All of these large .panies have made a lot of money and they might very well choose to spend some of it on limousine transportation. 3 Business Travelers It is not only the locals of San Jose who enjoy limousine transportation. Visiting business travelers might also choose to take a limousine or they might be offered one at the airport by the .pany they are visiting. Most often business travelers will require transportation to and from the airport, while the locals most often prefers more varied transportation in San Jose and the surrounding area. 4 Events Some of the locals of San Jose are millionaires and do enjoy limousine transportation as often as possible, but they are not the only locals to use limousine services. .mon people without the same financial means often request limousine transportation on special occasions like for example important parties or a romantic wedding. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: