Gangs of Hongkong young suspect because of a money dispute was stabbed to death after arrest barcarolle

Gangs of Hongkong young suspect because of a money dispute was stabbed to death with the original title: Hongkong Gang arrested young suspect because of a money dispute was stabbed to death after Beijing was arrested on 9 October, according to Hongkong "Wen Wei Po" reported that the Hongkong Tai 8 days expose a murder of a suspected black youth social background, with the debt channel to cut, took a taxi to the Nethersole Hospital for treatment, was found by chest weapon through chest pierced, after she died. Hongkong, a large number of police officers afterwards to its cross took a taxi near Huairen Street tenement building survey, believe that a unit tenement building for the murder scene and arrested in a victim’s sibling, and take 2 women to help the investigation. The police have classified as homicide follow up, do not rule out murder involving the same money dispute. A young man surnamed Su stab to death (22 years old), reported that the triad background, unemployed, and the case bottom and drug addiction, then with letters, one suspected debt letter, involving an amount of about 40 thousand to 50 thousand yuan (HK $, the same below). Police do not rule out the case involving gangs and money debt disputes. At 11:25 in the morning yesterday, the chest injured victim wounded went to Tai Po Kwong Fuk Road, Hang Seng Bank stopped a new territories taxi to open cut, shouted to the driver "help me! I’m going to play it!" Let the taxi driver surnamed immediately set to the emergency room in Tai Po hospital, but against the current principal has been in a coma, eventually died, died. Doctors initially believe that his chest wound caused by a sharp weapon, that there is a suspicious, at noon on 12 o’clock to notify the police in the hospital to follow up. The police confirmed that the victim of identity, that is to inform his family to the hospital to understand the situation, during which the victim mother was too sad to shock, to help the family in a wheelchair to rest, another male relatives and friends also sad discomfort. After the police detained the car carrying the victim to the hospital, but there was no obvious New Territories taxi, car and other blood, according to the information provided by drivers, taxi cut cover to the scene investigation, during which work right before the principal at a distance of about 150 meters outside the Huairen Street No. 41 Tang building underground a game machine shop playing fishing machine. And leave in the morning at about 11, then come to attack. According to the machine shop female staff said that the victim will come to patronize several times daily play fishing machine, each about 40 minutes, usually every 1 hours back. The staff continued to say that fishing machine needs to buy prepaid card bets, ordinary people will only bet 10 yuan to 50 yuan, but each time the victim will bet up to 200 yuan to 500 yuan. To 4 pm, NTN homicide investigations, in the field of tenement buildings in a unit has taken 1 men and 2 women to assist in the investigation, in which 1 women hand injuries, was found at the suspect involved in a fruit knife. To 7 pm, police confirmed that 41 year old man surnamed Liang has been arrested with the Department, that he is the same with the victim of gang members, do not rule out the murders and money dispute. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: