Gao Yongjin, poor service, high cost of real estate market three points of the Internet how t

Gao Yongjin, poor service, high cost of   real estate market three points of the Internet how to solve? – Finance – People’s original title: High Commission, poor service, high cost of Real Estate Internet market, how to solve the three major pain points? Since 2015, the real estate market to the fire burst, the real estate industry information asymmetry problems, not because of rising prices and solve. There are countless people buy a house, real estate, home improvement, pick the building materials, bickering, distrust filled. Home improvement prices, decoration quality, commission is too high, the housing is not true, there is no more difficult than the industry’s transparent information. Engaged in the Internet real estate industry, is not an easy thing, many competitors, repeated content, the prevalence of price war, it is not easy to establish a credit brand. Golden home network trying to solve the three major pain points in the Internet real estate industry. First, how to solve the problem of high commission? High Commission in the real estate industry is the prevailing rules. Norm: second-hand housing intermediary charge 2.3% to 2.7% as commission prices, including housing intermediary services 2% Commission, transfer fees, purchase risk protection service fee, if the housing price is 5 million, up to 135 thousand intermediary commission. Reduce commission costs, so that second-hand housing transactions to return to a reasonable price space, is a prerequisite for the smooth development of the industry, but also the key to solve the user pain points. Property buyers in the whole process is very passive, it is impossible to have the feeling of god. Golden home network is not a listing of the king, but the service is king. Start from the server, select the integration of the industry chain, so that buyers feel the price matching services. Internet era real estate intermediary price war, some intermediaries choose a low commission or 0 commission to attract customers, the accumulation of many customer resources. Since June 2016, with the image of Cai Ming with Shanghai Beijing Kyrgyzstan lovehouse advertising, the commission only attractive 1%. Unfortunately, this model has been shown to have little effect. The enterprise low commission business chain, to accumulate certain users, rely on small profits but quick turnover bring large scale profits. The actual result is counterproductive, low commission users become the sole focus of housing platform lacks effective profit model, once the capital turnover rate decreased, would be in a low profit status, the limitation of their development. In Beijing, Shanghai and other first tier cities, second-hand housing transactions are actually chain home, Centaline and other giants monopoly. The biggest advantage of traditional agents for the next line stores all over the District, master listings and customers. The main low commissions Internet platform, early may ban but will eventually stride forward singing militant songs, the big brother died. There are two types of breakthrough, broaden the industrial chain, breaking the traditional agents simply copy the line services to online, online service chain can not form a chain of shackles. Soufangwang, Locke to provide a one-stop service platform, golden home network is self built platform, from home to home and family, home appliances, Home Furnishing services ecological chain transformation, Soufangwang rely on traditional advertising media, the integration of real estate, real estate finance and decoration services, establish the integration of the Internet real estate business. Both the pursuit of rental housing from the liberation, and services to obtain revenue. Golden home相关的主题文章: