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UnCategorized Mauritius is the land of sea, sun, and beaches! Imagine a secluded beach filled with coral reefs, clear blue water and a background full of dramatic mountains, Tropical Island, lush green vegetation and beautiful resorts and hotels. Isn’t it a perfect wedding spot? If this keeps your mind wandering, then you are sure to have a wedding and holiday of your lifetime. When you think of a wedding or honeymoon, you think of a location that is truly unique. Mauritius offers wedding destinations at relatively reasonable prices. The staff of your hotel or resort will also help to make your wedding day memorable. Each hotel in Mauritius offers customised wedding packages, as they have professional wedding coordinators who take care of all your details and ease you of your wedding stress. Once you land in Mauritius, you can choose your perfect wedding spot, whether it is a beautiful and romantic landscape or the sandy beaches. Mauritius hotels have exotic spas where couples can enjoy a romantic massage together. Mauritius hosts a lot of water sports that can help you relax before your wedding. Eight reasons to have a Mauritius wedding: Island location – Sail around the island in the Indian Ocean, the sun shining over the waves and seabirds calling, as you take the wedding vows. South Africa is just 2000 kilometres from Mauritius, so you can .bine your Mauritius wedding holiday with a trip on an African Safari. Wedding locations – Mauritius Island is an island of dreams, rippling with volcanic skylines, gushing waterfalls and pulsating and azure water. It is a true tropical paradise with fantastic locations to choose from. Imagine yourself saying your vows in Casela Bird Park, where over 140 birds are chirping and singing a musical harmonious tune, or Domaine Les Pailles nature Park, so magnificently rich in lush greenery. Make it more dramatic with a sunset wedding where the backdrop is the pristine shore. Choice of Luxury Hotels – Mauritius offers you an extensive range of luxury hotels with wedding specialists who are pleased to help make your wedding a memorable experience. Whatever your demands and whatever you fancy, they will organise it for you, from a charming romantic wedding spot to a lavish and extravagant wedding. They take care of every detail to make your wedding special. Affordability – Wedding in Mauritius is more reasonable than wedding in the United States, Canada or Europe. Many resorts offer a .plete wedding package at discounted rates. Weather – The weather in Mauritius is excellent, as its tropical round the year. Multi cultural atmosphere – Mauritius is a place with diverse culture that makes it more interesting as you enjoy varied choice of cuisine and cultural activities. Tourist Attractions – Mauritius is a beautiful island to spend your honeymoon and enjoy all sorts of water sports, visit botanical gardens, and enjoy the nightlife at casinos and nightclubs. Professional Help – When you book at any Mauritius hotel, you can ask for a professional wedding planner who can make your wedding dream .e true. If you have not yet thought of a wedding in Mauritius, then think about it to make your wedding an event to remember, for you and your family members. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: