Google pushing waze to move the car sharing service Uber cheese

Google pushing Waze to move the car sharing service Uber cheese Tencent Automobile News Beijing on September 1st news, according to "the Wall Street journal" reported that informed sources, Google is with their own carpool service to "grab" the market share of Uber, which will help workers to more low price car travel. It is worth noting that Google added, further escalation of intense competition in the market will carpool. Test in May this year, Google launched carpool services at its headquarters in California and the surrounding area, thousands of employees of the company can use the specific scope of application software Waze and contact partner carpool. The source also said that Google plans this fall in the whole San Francisco area Waze users carpool service test, once the early test of success, Google will further expand the scope of service. Google acquired Waze in 2013, which can be based on other drivers to obtain real-time driving position information. With Uber and Lyft to provide on-demand car service is different, Waze want to travel the same direction of the driver and the driver to build a communication platform. Waze had also revealed that the future goal is to reduce the cost of car enough to attract other drivers for the Waze driver of instigation. Waze drivers need to carpool fee standards for 54 cents per mile. The cost is much lower than most Uber and Lyft driver. At this stage of the service testing process, Google does not charge any fees to the driver. The view was pointed out that Google to promote the development of private car services or will inevitably conflict with Uber. The latter was founded seven years ago, the smart phone called APP car concept extended to the global market, the company’s market capitalization of nearly $68 billion. In fact, Google and Uber was once a partner, in 2013, Google has invested $258 million to Uber, but the two companies in recent years become more of a rival relationship. The parent company of Google executives Alphabet David Drummond (David Drummond) on Monday (August 29th local time) said in an interview, due to the competition between Google and Uber is becoming increasingly fierce, he has resigned from the board of Uber. Uber has been using Google maps for a long time, and has recently started developing its own software. David Drummond joined the Uber board in 2013, where he was Google VCs (Google Ventures) to invest $258 million in Uber, and so far the investment Uber is still the largest amount of investment in the history of Google’s venture capital operations, Google venture capital is the venture capital business department under Alphabet. After the completion of the Google Uber investment, the two in a series of projects to cooperate, including through Google maps to call car service. The news that David Drummond left the Uber board was first published by the Wall Street Journal on Monday, when the technology web site published an article saying that the relationship between Google and Uber.相关的主题文章: