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Guangxi comprehensive clean-up construction field margin – real estate — newspaper Nanning on 11 September,     (Pang Jiping, Li Yuanzhe) reporter from the Guangxi housing and urban construction department said that Guangxi will be fully cleaned strictly in accordance with the requirements of the construction field margin, "an enterprise does not fall, a project does not fall into the" principle. In September 30, 2016, in addition to the bid bond, performance bond, clear retention of project quality margin, guarantee wages of migrant workers and other 4 categories of deposit, charge off all units to be cancelled and the excess charge of the deposit; overdue return to retain the deposit, the relevant units must return all before December 30, 2016. The margin of the above 4 types of deposit, will be completed before the end of 2016 to amend or repeal the relevant system. Margin refers to the field of engineering construction, the construction unit to charge for construction enterprises, in order to ensure a complete work for the purpose, and retained in the construction unit or the third party escrow funds. "People’s Daily" (09 2016 12 August 14 Edition) (Wang Qianyuan, Sun Hongli snow: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: