Hainan Airlines China Southern Airlines is the national day of carrying 350 thousand passengers in a chompoo araya

Hainan Airlines China Southern Airlines is the national day of carrying 350 thousand passengers in and out of Hainan – Beijing Beijing in September 30 Haikou Xinhua (Lv Ting Yan Shu Hong the rain) with the National Day holiday approaching, as the most popular tourist destinations in Hainan will usher in a large number of tourists, Hainan airlines, China Southern Airlines is expected, the two airlines in 2016 will be the National Day holiday flights 2234, carrying 350 thousand passengers in and out of Hainan. October 1st to 7, Hainan Airlines is expected to perform import port Banda class 1300, put more than 200 thousand seats, transporting 190 thousand and 200 passengers out of Hong Kong; China Southern Airlines is expected to perform in Hainan during the 934 inbound and outbound flights, transporting passengers 160 thousand passengers out of Hong kong. According to Hainan airlines, to guide passengers to travel peak, Hainan Airlines launched a special offer ticket after a number of routes, and the introduction of preferential "ticket + Hotel" products. At present, Hainan Airlines has opened to Losangeles, Calgary, Chinese Manchester, Chester Las Vegas, Sydney, Tokyo and other places of international flights, international flights are positively related to growth trend, during the National Day International Flights rate reached more than 85%. Compared with the same period of 2015, Hainan National Day holiday sales peak ahead of the arrival of the expected final guest rate will be around 90%, September 29th -10 month 2 days of civil aviation overall traffic increase is more obvious. Now to October 2nd Beijing port to Hainan southwest, northwest and northeast direction ticket already sold out, Haikou and Sanya now have more votes. China Southern Airlines to launch a number after the holiday season from Hainan special offer ticket, such as Sanya to Zhuhai as long as 120 yuan, Haikou flights to Guangzhou, Zhuhai only 180 yuan. According to the Hainan branch of China Southern Airlines, during the National Day travel peak, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hainan departure to Shanghai city tourism demand more prosperous; on October 1st -4, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Beijing flights to Hainan is hot, the flight load factor is expected to reach 88%. In order to deal with the incoming passengers during the national day peak, China Southern Airlines in September 29th -10 month 2 days, October 5th -7, A330, B777 in wide bodied aircraft to fly Sanya – Beijing route, the route can be put up daily in the 1128 seats, to meet market demand. The airlines, air travel section, after the preferential price compared to before the obvious, passengers can choose to avoid it according to their own situation and needs, enjoy more affordable travel. (end)相关的主题文章: