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School canteen of Hangzhou launched 2 yuan mid autumn special fried tomatoes, moon cake original title: Hangzhou school canteen launched the "fried tomatoes, moon cakes" September 13th at noon, Hangzhou city Xiaoshan District second secondary occupation school canteen launched a 2 yuan a special meal: fried tomatoes, mid autumn moon cake. Less than 5 minutes, 180 students have been sold out. Mid Autumn Festival is coming, want to give students a new dish, raw materials must have moon cake. The day before, I tried to pepper cake, fried tomatoes, moon cake, moon cake fried melon, tomatoes fried cakes and finally found the sweet and sour taste the best." Canteen chef Zhu Jian 14, said. Zhu Jian said, in addition to their colleagues and try to eat, he had also go online to check with the moon cake together fried tomatoes will not have a problem, find someone with red bean paste moon cake fried tomatoes. Then, he let buyers bought 4 boxes of 240 cakes, each two boxes of Hami melon and strawberry. In the process of making, the chef cut each moon cake into two pieces, mixing the two flavors of moon cake. Each dish has 3 pieces of moon cake (1.5), limited to 180 copies, each purchase a copy. The cost of this dish is about 5 yuan, but only to sell $2, is to enliven the festive atmosphere. At first I thought that the number of people is not much, I did not expect all of a sudden sold out." Zhu Jian said. Editor: Sun Ailin SN146相关的主题文章: