Hawick Lau and Wang Ou wear sweethearts outfit Yang Mi is the same as everyone wants (video) segotep

Hawick Lau and Wang Ou wear sweethearts outfit? Sure everyone wants the same paragraph Yang Mi [Abstract] recently Hawick Lau and actress crew of the script things have a monthly power couple raise a Babel of criticism of Wei, divorce and was pushed in the teeth of the storm. Xiaobian want to say, don’t pry into private life of others is always the same as the paparazzi, rather than take the time to look at the stars with the appreciation of the vision of it. These days the large power power in the original ten mysteries in the teeth of the storm, her marital status is not one of the entertainment industry, the latest progress is exposed to the script with the news of Hawick Lau and actress Wang Ou at night. The large power power said that her husband Hawick Lau as in the past, and then we began the legend of the truth traces of brain hole. One of the key evidence that Hawick Lau and Wang Ou suspected wearing couple sweater. Well, this is a gray hoodie. Often concerned about fashion people have said, this is not evidence, this is just a explosion of clothes ah, from peacebird letters of Peacebird custom hoodies, not only Hawick Lau Wang Ou through Yang Mi, also the deity bare legs show too early. This dress zipper on huge Yang Mi custom letters YANGMI, become particularly eye-catching. Suddenly thought of reason a woman obsessed with custom models, the key moment is in evidence, remember the last time by supermodel Qin Shupei Burberry custom scarf "SP" hand mistress thing? In fact, this dress Wang Ouhao Long Tan, his name is "WANGOU" on the zipper. Of course, as a burst of money, that is, there will be a lot of star artists do buyers show. From left to right are Zhang Tianai, Di Ali Gerba and Xiong Naijin. In addition, Song Jia also has a. Hawick Lau accidentally and many female stars wearing a couple shirt. I have a big power in the heart, I want to say that both 11 are over why she also with the paragraph. Here also want to say, don’t pry into private life of others is always the same as the paparazzi, rather than take the time to look at the stars with the appreciation of the vision of the PW Na, not more nutritious can enhance their taste, but also to help you fill the shopping cart in the double 11 this day. Yang Mi with the paragraph, the combination of these four magic words from a search entry has become a label, a fashion symbol. Why do we all love Yang Mi with it, because there are legs and clothes Q and EQ, please believe me, we have a picture of the truth. Yang Mi as the goods with queen walking, a person bear ma Dad home explosion of half of the country. Freaky girl two have both large power power face skin white slender legs, innate good, but early Yang Mi with not necessarily how hot, even can be said that the sale is no way. Unkempt disorderly hair, like cotton texture wrinkle chiffon dress, is the best spokesperson of Ayilian YISHION, is a generation of super girl’s closet girl. The power of my black is out of love for you alone broadcast homemade "Huang Xiaochu’s spring, summer, autumn and winter"! Listen to Huang Lei tells the life story behind the delicacy, sharing different solar term health cheats, followed Huang Xiaochu to open a new ruminate trip, watch the video here: which of the child down to you? Inventory 2016 married star couple 2016 Vitoria’s Secret lingerie show on December, 6?相关的主题文章: