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Heavy | Li Feifei joined Google, as Google cloud machine learning team responsible person (with a new video interview with Zhi Yuan) – new technology Sohu Zhi Yuan compiled source: the verge, the new intellectual element arrangement: Hu Xiangjie [new] Zhi Yuan introduction professor Li Feifei also moved from academia to industry, officially joined Google, Ren the person in charge of Google cloud machine learning. This article attached to the new wisdom of the previous video interview with Li Feifei and text reports. In order to understand the female scientists who are good at machine vision, how to look at the relationship between artificial intelligence and the relationship between academic and industry. Today, Google cloud director Diane Greene announced the company’s new layout in machine learning and artificial intelligence. In the Greene department, will set up a new team, the integration of their own independent machine learning team, these teams scattered in the Google cloud business unit. The new team will be responsible for two women: one is Li Feifei, director of the AI Laboratory of Stanford University; another is the former head of the Snap research team, Li Jia. Li Feifei joined Google news, is released along with Google cloud product roadmap announced. Google cloud also introduced its own plans to expand the use of machine learning, machine learning is a key technology for the cloud, it can train a large scale AI network, self-learning and upgrading. The announcement of the news, the purpose is to show that Google’s cloud computing is not only on the server renting time, but also based on machine learning algorithms for enterprise users to provide services. These services include more simple translation, computer vision, and even recruitment. Li Feifei joined the Google profile [introduction] Li Feifei is a professor of the Department of computer science, Stanford University,, artificial intelligence laboratory and director of the visual laboratory of the. Using the neural network model of machine learning algorithms, Li Feifei led the team to create the software can automatically generate the caption, creating the world’s largest image recognition database ImageNet, the annual ImageNet competition will affect the entire industry chord. Study on the neural network and computer vision Li Feifei greatly contributed to the development of artificial intelligence, it is possible for us to bring a more intuitive image search applications, and the robot is able to make decisions in unfamiliar situations. A new video interview with Li Feifei Zhi Yuan World Conference on artificial intelligence, Li Feifei wrote to the text version of the new intellectual element: you have no way to the site of our October World Conference on artificial intelligence, what you say to the participants here? Li Feifei: Thank you for giving me this opportunity. First of all, I wish the success of the World Conference on artificial intelligence. In such an important historical moment to do such a meeting, I think it is a very good opportunity for people from all walks of life come together to discuss. I stand on the point of view of artificial intelligence researchers, very happy society is now so concerned about artificial intelligence. New wisdom yuan: how do you see the development of these 60 years of AI? Li Feifei: I’d like to talk about it briefly相关的主题文章: