Hefei made high-tech products will appear at the fair, you can understand people’s words of the mous-windjview

Hefei high tech products will debut fair can understand the words you have seen the mouse let your old movie object, lead a person to endless aftertastes comic books, is also a "star studded" high-tech products. In the annual fair, as the "city of science and technology" in Hefei, not the new high-tech. The day before, the reporter visited the relevant exhibitors found that this year’s fair, you will see the "UAV show skills made in Hefei", but also to meet "obedient" mouse, can experience 3D animation in 200 square meters exhibition hall. "Made in Hefei" protection UAV will be unveiled to check illegal construction from Shenzhen to Sichuan to enable UAV, UAV on high-speed patrol, the UAV can do more things. Located in Hefei high tech Zone of Hefei LDK Co. Ltd is a UAV research and development company, LDK in the exhibition hall, several different shapes of the UAV very suction eye. According to reports, they will participate in the fair. In the UAV, the UAV is a striking all black, the shape of the helicopter. The staff, the race Eagle 340- oil type unmanned helicopter is a new product, the identity is a "plant protection UAV", mainly used for agriculture and forestry pesticide spraying. Compared with the previous UAV, race Eagle 340 larger, the use of fuel, so it can carry more weight, endurance is also stronger. "Game 340 eagle can fly through the air for 2 hours, mainly for large agricultural plant protection work, including pesticide spraying, disaster detection, can realize setting autonomous flight routes." The staff, compared with the traditional artificial plant protection, no range more widely, machine spraying pesticide spraying efficiency is higher, the effect is better. In addition to the plant protection UAV, UAV products still in various fields such as LDK play, 200T- rotor tethered UAV, called "hover lights", "air sentry", can be air regulation; 110- electric type delta wing UAV, suitable for power inspection, drug smuggling, and environmental reconnaissance…… We want to look at the "Hefei drone" has what ability, it can not miss the wonderful exhibition fair. "Obedient" mouse you seen it wearing a headset and microphone chat is not fresh, but the mouse to "talk" have you seen? In this year’s fair, Anhui Mi rats Technology Co. Ltd. will bring a smart mouse voice. The staff, the company launched the world’s first intelligent voice appearance with the ordinary mouse mouse, there is not much difference, but there is a separate button on the left side of the mouse. The staff at the computer by pressing the button, say "open the calculator" open control panel "open the" instruction, computer will be executed. In addition to open the program, the mouse can also be used for voice and text conversion. Staff first command the computer to "open NOTEPAD", and then saying some words, these words will automatically appear in the notebook, a text file. Staff told reporters that such a special mouse, not only at the fair to check it out, but also at preferential prices to buy. Anhui Amy?

合肥造高科技产品将亮相文博会 能听懂人话的鼠标你见过吗   有让您回味无穷的老电影物件、连环画绘本,也有“星光熠熠”的高科技产品。在每年的文博会上,作为“科技之城”的合肥,都少不了新奇特的高科技。日前,记者走访了相关展商发现,今年文博会上,您将看到“合肥造”的无人机秀绝活,还能遇见会“听话”的鼠标,还能在200平米展厅体验3D动漫。   “合肥造”植保无人机将亮相   从深圳无人机查违规建筑,到四川启用无人机上高速“巡逻”,无人机能做的事情越来越多。   位于合肥高新区的合肥赛维智能有限公司是一家无人机研发公司,在赛维的展示大厅里,几架造型各异的无人机非常吸睛。据介绍,它们都将参展此次文博会。   在这些无人机中,最为引人注目的当属一台通体黑色、形似直升机的无人机。工作人员介绍,这架赛鹰340-油动型无人直升机是新款产品,身份是一架“植保无人机”,主要用于农业林业农药喷洒。   和以往的无人机相比,赛鹰340体积更大,使用燃油发动机,因此可以装载更多负重,续航能力也更强。   “赛鹰340可以在空中飞行2个小时,主要用于大面积农业植保作业,包括农药喷洒、灾情检测等,可实现设定航线自主飞行。”工作人员介绍,与传统人工植保作业相比,无人机喷洒农药的范围更广、效率更高,喷洒效果也更好。   除了植保无人机,赛维的无人机产品还在各个领域施展所长,比如200T-系留旋翼型无人机,人称“悬停灯”、“空中哨兵”,可以进行空中监管;110-电动型三角翼无人机,适用于电力巡检、缉毒缉私、环境侦察……想看看咱们“合肥造”的无人机都有什么能耐,那就不能错过文博会上的精彩展出了。   能“听话”的鼠标你见过吗   戴着耳麦、对着话筒聊天不新鲜,但对着鼠标“说话”你见过吗?   在今年的文博会上,安徽咪鼠科技有限公司就将带来一款智能语音鼠标。   工作人员介绍,该公司推出的这款全球首款智能语音鼠标,外形上与普通鼠标没有太大区别,只是在鼠标的左侧面有一个单独的按钮。工作人员按住按钮,对着电脑说 “打开计算器”“打开控制面板”“打开百度”等指令,电脑都会一一执行。除了打开程序,该鼠标还可以进行语音和文字转换。工作人员首先命令电脑“打开记事本”,然后说出一段话,这段话就自动出现在记事本上,成为文本文件。   工作人员告诉记者,这样特别的鼠标,不仅能在文博会上一探究竟,还能以优惠的价格买到。安徽咪鼠科技有限公司将在文博会上推出限量版礼盒进行体验价销售,让合肥市民能以更优惠的价格抢先购买这款鼠标。   现场将设置200平米3D动漫影院   能“听话”的鼠标,各式无人机,它们都由来自合肥高新区的科技公司出品。   这里拥有合肥国家级文化和科技融合示范基地、合肥动漫产业发展基地、合肥国家数字出版基地、合肥智能语音高新产业化基地,在今年的文博会上,高新区将全方位运用高科技声光电设备,大屏幕LED、多点触摸屏、互动投影等高科技设备,展示科技的魅力。   据悉,在展区中,将专门划分约200平方米区域设计3D动漫影院展示区,和600平米的企业展区,以高新技术产业和文化创意产业亮点展示为主要内容,集中展示文化与科技、艺术深度融合的成就。晨报记者 于巧妮   原标题:能“听话”的鼠标你见过吗?相关的主题文章: