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Hongkong operators using BlackBerry technology a SIM card with 10 number 3 Hongkong number management services Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 3rd news, according to technology website phoneArena reported that since 2009, the BlackBerry is not intelligent mobile phone market overlord, released two Android smart mobile phone BlackBerry Priv and DTEK50 are not able to make important breakthrough. But as CEO Cheng Shouzong said, BlackBerry can make its own contribution to the mobile phone industry in other ways, such as China’s Hongkong region mobile operator 3 Hongkong launched a card number service ten. 3 Hongkong has begun to provide users with multi number management (NumbersMaster) services to support iPhone and Android phones. The use of multiple management services, just one cell phone and a SIM card, 3 Hongkong users can receive calls by the number of 10. This allows small business owners to work and family affairs on the same phone. The technology of multi management services comes from blackberry, which means it is safe to use 10 numbers to answer the phone. This is what we expect the future direction of blackberry. The fourth quarter Blackberry mobile phone sales over the same period last year fell by more than half to 600 thousand. In the first quarter of fiscal 2017, BlackBerry software and services revenue hit a new high. While providing software solutions and MDM (mobile device management) service is not as popular as the launch of hot selling phone, but now this is the BlackBerry advantage. If other mobile operators decided to deploy this technology, BlackBerry will become the big winner of the 3 areas of Hongkong said, "many management compatible with iOS and Android intelligent mobile phone blackberry blackberry, based on technology for safety reputation in the industry. The new service provides a clear, stable and high quality voice service through a mobile application that manages 10 numbers on a SIM card. Through a dedicated application, businesses and small business customers can add 9 additional numbers on a smartphone’s master number. This represents a major advance in SIM functionality." (compile leaves)相关的主题文章: