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Home-Improvement Home alarms are simple electronic equipments that enable you to avoid any kind of damages by intruding, theft and negligence to children by alerting the host with an audible alarm. Protecting your home and family is a natural instinct. But there are unusual and unavoidable circumstances that let the person have no control over the situation regarding his or her family and homes security. That is where an alarm can help you. Whether its a thief/burglar breaking at your house or car or a breaking fire, the devices can detect and alert the owner in order to take the necessary steps. One place where you will find the best electronic alarms and gadgets to protect your house against damages is ddaysecurity… Here you will find all that is required to make your home safe and sound. Now you can be assured! Protecting your valuables is made easy! Categories of Products There are different types of alarms available at ddaysecurity.. and all of these contribute to making your house safe and protected with the help of the reliable and cheap security alarms. Various kinds of security measures and safety alarms that are available include home alarm, bug detector, digital audio recorder, metal detector, professional surveillance and dummy camera, LCD video monitor and many more devices. Each category has a minimum of 2 products available in the store. Also weapons and instructional fighting videos are found here. Products available The ddaysecurity.. provides an array of different products based on home alarm. A home alarm system is available in 130db personal alarms (portable alarms: activated when shaft attached to the alarm is pulled), nap alarms (worn on the ear to alert a driver when s/he falls asleep while driving), secure dog alarms or motion alarms (if activated, starts barking like an angry dog when an intruder .es within 22 feet), pool alarms (shouts alarm if anybody is drowning). Bug detectors detect an electronic bug that you assume to be installed at your house. Digital audio recorder secretly records a conversation when turned on; metal detectors detect unwanted metals that are in your house without your knowledge such as an explosive. A surveillance camera secretly takes image of a person inside your house, while a dummy camera makes one believe that s/he is being imaged. Also there are LCD video monitors that let you view the images from your many surveillance cameras that are installed at your house. Light weapons like crossbows, throwing stars and paintballs are also available here. All products here are designed to keep you and your home and family safe. These products are available at a cheaper price and most of them .e within $150. Protect your valuables with this stuff. Sometimes a small investment can save lives! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: