Hubei plans to invest nearly one hundred billion yuan to carry out water conservancy reconstruction

Hubei plans to invest nearly billion yuan for post disaster reconstruction – Beijing, Beijing, Wuhan, November 11, (Hu Shunhua Wang Xiao Cao Xufeng) 11 reporters from the Hubei provincial government information office learned that the Hubei water conservancy departments of the Provincial Water Resources Department "the implementation of water conservancy reconstruction work operation plan", planning a total investment of nearly 100 billion yuan for post disaster reconstruction. Since the flood season this year, Hubei suffered consecutive rounds of heavy rainfall, causing serious flood disaster, social assets have suffered significant losses, a large number of water conservancy infrastructure destroyed, water conservancy losses amounting to 11 billion 500 million yuan. Hubei water resources department director Wang Zhongfa introduced to accelerate the repair of damaged water conservancy facilities for flood control, the weak links in the construction, should be targeted to improve the flood control capacity of key parts. Continue to implement the retreating, river connectivity, lake ecological environment gradually restored. To promote the construction of Lake levee and improve the flood control standard of key lakes. In the city, to speed up the construction of pipe gallery, effectively solve the city to see the sea, and to flood control materials and equipment technical reserves, to further reinforce the foundation of flood control. Cheng Guoyin, director of the Hubei provincial water resources department regulations, Hubei water conservancy reconstruction and utilization of financial policies, through a variety of ways to raise funds for construction. As of now, the cumulative central and provincial water conservancy in flood control and disaster relief funds of nearly 1 billion yuan, the main tributaries, small rivers, waterlogged area drainage capacity construction, small dam reinforcement, flood forecasting and warning grassroots capacity building 5 construction projects, about 40000000000 yuan investment in the central water conservancy reconstruction of the total plate. 1 billion 200 million funds for the construction of 11 pumping stations of the new row of capacity building has also been implemented. According to the briefing, in accordance with the "year by year to repair the work requirements, according to preliminary statistics, the province has to repair large and medium-sized 29 reservoirs, 506 small reservoirs, dike (revetment) 209 km, 1459 km (dike revetment), large and medium-sized 16 sluices, small water gate 1560, hydrological communications 202 facilities, drainage pumping stations and other facilities 6222. (end)相关的主题文章: