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Business A good number of persons in a job transition may say "I need a new job" for different motives. People may be unhappy with the current job because of low pay, inconvenient work schedule and limiited room for advancement. If you are planning on finding another career, then you do not want to make the error of quitting ahead of finding a new one that meets your requirements and expectations. There are a variety of resources available to help with a career change. Finding a new postion in today’s soft job marketplace can take months or even a couple of years with respect to the fierce competion for salaries and compensation packages at risk. However, to get that ideal job may entail a full time efffort such as using employment agencies, filling out applications and going to professional events. On the other hand, some steps have changed because of the Internet. Nowadays, people have access to organization websites, online work boards and social networks. The interview is an essential part of changing careers. Every applicant should show up to the interview with an up-to-date resume that includes educational background and work experience. Some applicants are taking it a step further and creating personal websites. The website should contain sample work and information about your work experience and compentencies. It is a good idea to not include contact information on a website that can be viewed by thousands of people. Work applicants should also take advantage of social networking websites. Applicants can create profiles on social networks that target business leaders and companies in preferred industries. It is a good idea to leave a link to your personal website on the profile so that employers can learn more information about your skills. Applicants who choose to post on the sites should only post about professional topics. The post should contain keywords so that they are located by hiring managers when doing online candidate searches. For example, a person who is looking for web designing jobs would use words like ‘web design’ or ‘web design careers’. Placing an ad in the local newspaper is another way to get the attention of hiring managers. Applicants may consider listing a profile of their talents and skills in the newspaper ad. It will receive more views by posting the ad in the print and online versions of the newspaper. The ad should be run a week and applicants should wait to see if they receive any responses. Internet job boards can give exposure to career candidates when using keywords in the post. Candidates have to make posts about the particular career they are looking to get. For example, if you want to work as a substance abuse counselor, then you would make posts relating to drug abuse. If applicants want to work for a specific business, then he or she should go directly to the company website to search for openings. Many companies list openings in their websites instead of using work boards. You have to do a keyword search for local openings in your area. The websites can be used for uploading resumes and applying for openings. Most people become discouraged when it takes months to find a new career. However, consider that it may take you atleast one month per ten thousand dollars in income to secure your next position. Despite the challenges in today’s tight job market it is possible to make a career change if you are willing to put in time and effort. When you get your new job you may take some time to reflect on the day that you said "I need a new job", and then you took actions to work at building your dream career. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: