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.puters-and-Technology IIHT Limited understands that .puter networks are the backbone of every business and care for all your .plaints. Choosing a course and career selection is a problem and many student have .plaints after doing thecourse. This is one of the main reasons behind for IIHT to have a helpline to resolve all your career need and counselling and all IIHT .plaints.IIHT made all the courses keeping the need of today’s networking and VOIP solution in the industry in mind which benefit you in career growth. Some networking courses from IIHT Limited includes: . CCNA . CCNP . CCSP . VOIP and Telephony . Cloud .puting . CCIE . A+ and N+ ( from Microsoft) . LAN and Networking IIHT Networking courses: These courses not only open the gates for a successful career but also give a much better prospect in the future. You might start from a lower lever which is the network associate post but with adequate experience and sound knowledge, you can be.e a network engineer in no time. The major advantage of pursuing a network or wireless training course is that you can always increase the promotion prospect by enrolling in a high level course. CCNA is a short duration course offered by IIHT. Candidates can .plete this course within a month and get a good job. Some organizations also run various programs for the candidates in which they can opt for a higher level networking course. With the increasing use of networking and wireless networking, one can find large number of job prospects in this sector. IIHT Wireless Training: If you find yourself interested in networking, then you can choose from a wide range of networking courses. Some premier institutes like IIHT offer their own networking courses which are divided into beginners, medium and advanced level networking. Network certifications from CISCO and Microsoft provide an added advantage to the candidate. These courses are designed as per industry norms and provide excellent opportunity to the candidates. Most of these courses can be pursued online as the institutes provide rigorous onlin etraining to the students. IIHT also offers practical training to the student which makes it advantageous over other networking courses. Organizations which use IIHT devices for networking prefer the candidates from the same organization. This is one of the major advantages of pursuing a course from IIHT. Mobile and tele. .panies also look for candidates from the networking and wireless networking sector. The best thing about the networking courses is the fact that one can .plete them in short duration and get a good job. With virtual classrooms, online training material and mock tests, these courses have be.e the backbone of IT sector. IIHT Limited .plaints Management: IIHT Bangalore cares for all your grievances and .plaints related to course and training and will be happy to provide information on the same. If you have any .plaints, doubts or suggestions regarding our programs, Please contact Mr. Sriniwas Rao by email [email protected] for immediate redressel. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: