In Hong Kong, a carcinogen found crabs exceed the standard enterprises have launched the recall

In Hong Kong, a carcinogen found crabs exceed the standard enterprises have launched the recall mechanism – Beijing, Beijing, November 2 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Zhong Sheng) 2 days, Suzhou export hairy crabs in Hongkong detected carcinogenic dioxins exceed the standard. One of the companies involved in Wujiang Wan Qing Taihu Culture Co., Ltd. chairman Sun Xingliang said, the company has launched a recall mechanism, and will conduct a detailed inspection of the recalled crabs. Recently, the media exposed the checks in late Hongkong SAR Center for food safety in the market in September 5 a total of 12 pounds of samples, found that dioxin levels in 2 samples exceed the standard, exceed the standard sample from Suzhou city of Wujiang Wan Qing Taihu Culture Co., Ltd. "and" Jiangsu Taihu aquatic Co. Ltd. two aquaculture company. According to Hong Kong media reports, the Hongkong market crabs "70% to 80% from the two companies". The 2 reporters call the two companies named, for carcinogens exceed the standard, Wujiang million hectares of Taihu aquaculture Limited company chairman Sun Xingliang is stunned. "We did 20 years of export crabs, this is the first time I met", Sun Xingliang stressed that "export product is in full compliance with the testing standards for Hong Kong products quality inspection bureau". At present, Sun Xingliang has received notice of the Hong Kong Jiangsu entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau to convey, require the company to all the sale of crabs in Hong kong. But because some crabs sold to customers, for security reasons, the company decided to recall all the consumers ". "This morning has sent to Hongkong general manager of emergency treatment recall". Sun Xingliang said that due to the current Hong Kong has not been informed of the matter through official channels to the company for carcinogens "is how to detect the number of detected" were not, therefore cannot be concluded that the causes of the problem. After the product recall, the company will organize detailed testing. The other companies involved, Jiangsu Taihu Fisheries Limited in had come to hear the reporter, immediately to the person of the company to meet the field, I am the only one watch, you have two days to call "as an excuse to hang up the phone. According to the Jiangsu provincial exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau Propaganda Department staff said that the Bureau of the incident is in communication with the aqsiq. The Bureau of statistics data show that Jiangsu province total exports of crabs reached 800 tons last year, this year is expected to reach 800 to 1000 tons. (end)相关的主题文章: