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[in] in the Michelin ice Qin heart and tall buildings in Hongkong – Sohu feel a different kind of tourism as a climbing party, I have been to Hongkong skyscrapers full of yearning. Two years ago, the first trip to Hongkong, spent almost rain majestic in. The eleven turn to Kampuchea in Hongkong, by the end of the stay for the last two days, and finally a fascinating view of Victoria Harbor night. As a senior chowhound, I have been to Hongkong the Michelin restaurant drool with envy. Prior experience abroad Michelin, due to difficult not to say, sometimes the price is not so beautiful. This not only taste into the Morocco style of French cuisine, but also with the chef personally learned produced foie gras and Macarons. [P1] Victoria Harbour, enjoy the world’s three largest night reputation. Many tourists will go to a peak overlooking the Victoria Harbour and Kowloon Peninsula landscape, has been crowded buildings blocking the line of sight. Everyone knows Hongkong is located in the 45 floor of the Four Seasons Hotels executive lounge, a narrow open corridor, is the perfect location to enjoy the other side of the landscape. To a cup of coffee, in the gentle sea breeze, quietly watching the situation changes, harbour lights, is really beautiful! [P2] sunset, in the open corridor, West can make beautiful rays; at night, the body in the open-air corridor, can car rail, overlooking the flow of lively cruise, you can also view the charming harbour, transform the sky. [P3] to get up early, still can to the 45 floor of the executive lounge, while eating breakfast, enjoy the sunrise, watching the sun slowly lit up the entire Hongkong. [P4] Victoria Harbour is the main site of Hongkong held fireworks, the annual Spring Festival, the return of Hongkong, National Day memorial day, here will be staged a fireworks show. This year the eleven night in the harbour over 23 minutes and 30 seconds of the fireworks display, is said to have tens of thousands of people to watch, it is hard to find one. Then, I think the 45 floor of the terrace is the best viewing point ah, a few people are here, do not squeeze into the station and more than 100 meters in height to see fireworks, there will be a completely different perspective. [P5] Victoria Harbour has several ferry terminals, car ferry piers and public terminals. Here, you can see a ship carrying cargo ship slowly passing, but also to see a ship traveling on a passenger cruise. [P6] in Hongkong as early as 1864 had held the island sailing competition, after the 2003 SARS outbreak? With the original channel recovery held?. The Royal Hongkong yacht club also held its annual "island" yacht race. Therefore, a climb overlooking the yacht race, is also a good choice. [P7] Four Seasons Hotels Hongkong is located in the central and Western District of Financial Street 8, is one of the few Chinese and western regions of the five star hotel brand. Overlooking the beautiful harbor of Vitoria, overlooking the Financial District of high-rise buildings. [P8] the central landscape is a mix of colonial architecture and modern high-tech buildings, large shopping malls are full of internationally renowned fashion shops. Here the forest building, restaurant, supermarket and street vendors:相关的主题文章: