India loans 10 billion yuan to build 200 thousand children die every year due to the toilet toilet winbook

India loans 10 billion yuan to build the original title to toilet toilet death every year 200 thousand children: new public toilets useless Indian outdoor toilet 200 thousand annual child deaths have been caused by the public and actively construct the public toilet of India government, watched the built public toilets useless, Indians continue to open the excretion of the "heroic" habit, have brains to change. More disturbing is that there are about 200 thousand children in India died because of the bad habits lead to illness each year. Recently, the India government resorted to tricks "taunts", by India children laughed at the way people feel a large outdoor toilet "open drain shameful" to allow people to teach, people use a lot of public toilets or the bathroom. Let the children laugh at radical slogans of the government of India is making new adults directly laughed at those wealthy but still go to the toilet outside. In addition, on local television and outdoor advertising content is naked this bad habit at Indians: even India is one of the major economies in the world, but in most towns, people are still in the open free toilet! India government propaganda slogans charged forward, although it is widely accepted that India rapid development and progress, but only the use of the toilet is the real progress! At the same time, government advertising to children as the protagonist, the children laugh at those who buy new flat-panel TVs, refrigerators and motorcycles, but men do not use the toilet. In an advertisement, a child to an adult asked: "uncle, you tie, wearing shoes, but in the open defecation, how is this going?" another child said: "though you are using smart mobile phone, but the tracks on the toilet." Government: don’t marry defecation man, this is not the first time the India government tried to eradicate the bad habits. In 2006 ~2012, the government of India awarded the official awards to 6000 villages that had been converted to toilets, but most toilets were tragically abandoned. The government has publicly suggested that the bride, refused to those who do not use the toilet of the groom, do not marry a man anywhere. In another campaign, the Indian government is recommended to discourage rural male women in the family in the outdoor toilet. In many villages, compared with men, more women think it is important to use toilets properly. For the management of this problem, the government also hesitate to adjust the definition of modern, modern that does not mean that work in the city bank, or have a motorcycle and a sofa, but use the toilet civilization. Half of the Indians do not use toilet United Nations Children’s fund survey shows that a total of more than 590 million people in India lack of toilet, accounting for about half of the country’s population. In other words, there are 1 out of every 2 indians. A report by a British nonprofit WaterAid released show that India is one of the world’s poor health conditions, the average per square kilometer has 173 people to open defecation is the highest in the world. Related survey shows that in India the stubborn social habits from the caste system, human feces cleaning is the lowest caste people work. Many villagers believe that in a toilet is not clean, the toilet is more clean, but this.相关的主题文章: