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IPhone7 released shortly after the industry is generally expected to be less difficult to turn over the excitement of IHS Technology China Research Director Wang Yang said that the current iPhone7 Plus little change, Apple’s performance will not improve. Reporter Ma Yan – the new generation of apple iPhone will be officially unveiled in Beijing on September 8th morning at the beginning of a new fall conference. Apple Corp hopes iPhone7 release can reverse the decline in performance momentum. But analysts said, at present little change in iPhone7 Plus, has been very difficult to bring the excitement of fruit powder. IPhone7 Plus pre stocking amount or less than last year according to media reports, in September 2nd, the first batch of Apple’s new mobile phone has been successfully shipped from Xinzheng comprehensive bonded zone port operation area, goods totaled 84 thousand and 700, the total weight of 46.69 tons. As of the morning of September 5th, Zhengzhou customs supervision has been fully protected areas of new mobile phone 92 times, involving new mobile phone 371 thousand, a total weight of 211.50 tons, mainly to the United States, Britain, Holland, Italy and other places. According to KGI securities analyst Guo Mingchi recently released the final version of iPhone7 broke the news, Plus will be equipped with A10 processor, provides five kinds of body color options, remove the 3.5mm headset interface, the receiver support is used as second speakers to achieve stereo sound, iPhone7 Plus with dual camera, using pressure feedback and improved touch distance sensor, support IPx7 waterproof level the screen, enhance color gamut, start to 32GB storage capacity. Guo Mingchi expects iPhone7 shipments to Plus before the end of this year will be lower than the same period of performance of iPhone6s Plus, about 60 million -6500 million units, due to the addition of waterproof properties makes the assembly process requirements to improve the yield of standard until late August and entered the large-scale production stage, which could lead to a number of pre stocking some iPhone7 Plus less than in previous years. In addition, sources said, may be subject to positive feedback from analysts and the public for the new machine broke the news, Apple has added a further 10% orders. New changes or difficult to improve performance, however, IHS Technology China Research Director Wang Yang told the Securities Daily reporters, apple did not see a single supply chain. He also said that the current look at iPhone7 Plus and a little change in the previous section, Apple’s performance will not have a significant improvement. According to Apple previously announced fiscal 2016 three quarter report, its revenue was $42 billion 350 million, down 14.6%; net profit was $7 billion 796 million, down 26.9%, sold 40 million 399 thousand iPhone, down 15%. Reported that Apple’s three quarter report fell mainly due to the plight of the Chinese market. For China’s performance decline, apple CEO said,.相关的主题文章: