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"Iron fist" to see the film Jack Gyllenhaal lead to the kind of meat – Sohu – Gyllenhaal Jack shocked the entertainment as Muhammad suffered   Sohu; entertainment news (ShangHai Railway Station Rongling Ma Wen) by Jack – Gyllenhaal, Rachel – Mcadams starred in action inspirational movies "iron fist" will be released on September 2nd in Chinese. August 24th, the film will be held in Shanghai. After the video, the audience said to be sincere to the meat of the movie fight scenes of shock, while Jack Gyllenhaal’s life from the bottom to fight boxer burst, to win back the family and life story is a copy from rolia. "Cinderella Movie Poster"   "iron fist" is the story of Mike Billy – Hope (Jack Gyllenhaal) to survive the story. He was a famous boxer against the brutal southpaws, the boxing champion to win glory. However, a shooting accident broke his and his wife Mo Lin (Rachel Mcadams) and daughter Leila (Fiona Laurence) a happy life. Billy started to despair, her daughter was sent to welfare institutions. When he woke up, and in the coach Feldman (Forest Whitaker) to return to the ring to save her daughter, respect and love, and hope that their occupation career. As Mike Billy is a famous movie star Jack Gyllenhaal, to play the role he suffered. Before the movie, he played the role of crazy weight loss of 30 pounds, but in order to show the "iron fist", has just returned to normal weight he again crazy weight gain of 15 pounds, more than and 40 pounds and let him fall into the "Hollywood being among the best in the list". But he didn’t have any experience in boxing, director Anthony Fuqua took him to his boxing coach, several class coach called the director: "you have the wrong man, he can’t do." A few weeks later, however, the coach called the director again: "you are right. He is very qualified." In order to make boxing scene, with Jack Gyllenhaal performing boxing actors are all real occupation boxer, in the course of fighting, several injured his ribs, chin also smashed several times, but each time the director asked to stop filming, he will say: "I’m fine, I can continue to play." Tyson is one of the world famous titleholder "iron fist" consultant, he came to the studio, Jack was shocked by Gyllenhaal’s performance: "he could be a professional boxer!" As an action for inspirational movies, priority among priorities of the family is also the description of "iron fist". This film is a famous American writer, screenwriter producer Kurt Sutter said, he said "one of the themes of the story" iron fist "for a man to learn how to be a father". In the film, the relationship between Jack and the daughter of the test also experience this process, beginning with a wife to maintain the whole family, but after he lost his wife, he found himself did not know how to be a father, so he gave up as a father’s duty, the daughter of his disappointment, until he fought back, slowly won back her trust. During filming, Jack and Gyllenhaal played his daughter – Fiona相关的主题文章: