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Is there any problem with the new MacBook Pro? Used to tell you – Sohu technology new MacBook Pro in the end is good? Used to know. Before the official sale, there are already a lot of people through a variety of channels to try the new version of MacBook Pro. What about performance? Foreign science and technology critic Jonathan Morrison get is not with Touch Bar 13 inches MacBook Pro, for the outside world for the new MacBook Pro cost-effective questioned, he conducted a test. He came to the configuration of a comprehensive beyond the MacBook Pro, but the price is also cheaper to buy $200 Windows PC notebook to compare. It should be said, from the point of view of configuration and cost-effective, the new MacBook Pro is simply weak burst. Jonathan Morrison took a long time for 5 minutes and 51 seconds of video 1080P with Canon 80D, into the laptop computer and MacBook Pro, so that the two were derived with the high bit rate H.264 Premiere and Final Cut Pro X. Results: the laptop took 8 minutes and 42 seconds to complete the export, and MacBook Pro only takes about 1 minutes and 23 seconds. Jonathan Morrison’s point of view is that it is not to say that the hardware configuration is not important, but the hardware and software can work together with the optimization, can bring great power. How annoying is the coupling? In the Jonathan Morrison network’s own computer into the video, we saw him pick up a adapter, which is probably the biggest controversy in the new MacBook Pro. We look at the 9TO5Mac Benjamin Mayo experience, before he was waiting for his new 15 inch MacBook Pro arrived in advance bought a bunch of adapter: This includes: the peripheral total of $35, plus tax less than $50, converted into Renminbi in about 300 yuan. Although Benjamin feel good, but as a spectator, I really have a look at the feeling of being dizzy. (picture from the Wall Street Journal) is interesting, after he bought these adapters, Apple announced USB -C to cut all interfaces and some third party accessories price is valid until the end of this year. In the famous blogger John Gruber seems that this may be apple in order to deny that they want to make money through the conversion joint action taken. Apple officials say this: we know a lot of users, especially professional相关的主题文章: