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Business Hi everyone. My name is Brent Whitfield from Dependable .puter Guys Incorporated in Los Angeles California. We do IT outsourcing and IT support for small and medium size businesses in the Greater Los Angeles area. I am going to show you today how to use the Windows 7 taskbar thumbnail customizer to improve the look of the icons in window 7. One of the problems with window 7 that I see it is that when you open multiple windows in the same program the default icon size is so small that you really can’t tell what the different programs you have running are. Microsoft got a lot of things right in windows 7 but one of the things I think that could be improved on is this icon size issue. It is something that .es up from time to time with our clients so I am going to show you today how to fix it. Type in www-dot-dcgla-dot-. and there is a link right on the main menu bar for blog. That takes you to the dependable .puter guys official blog and the easiest way to find what you are looking for as far as this thumbnail customizer goes is to type in the search area “thumbnail”. That will bring up the thumbnail related articles and the first link is the one that you are going to want. The way to get to the download page is to click on this link and that takes you to the pc world website which is a safe way to get the utility. Then you hit download now. It should start downloading and it is a very small application. It downloads really quick. One interesting thing about the author of this utility is that he is a twelve year old and it is not his first application. He is has developed either for the public domain which is pretty interesting. Kind of makes me feel old. Anyway the way you just launch it like this because it is not a fully installable program, you just run it. Hit run, run and it is a very simple interface. There is areas on the interface to help you reset the icon size which is what I am after. I am just going to crank these all the way up to 400. And you can actually make them bigger but I found 400 works pretty good for me. You can modify the x and y spacing that is like the left and right and left and top and bottom spacing, the margins, along with the delay time that the icons react. You can play with those on your own because adjusting these settings is beyond the scope of this tutorial. And then apply the changes. Windows explorer will you heard that, it just kind of downloaded and reloaded and that pretty much gets it done. I am going to hover now over my Google chrome browser and you can see how much larger the icons are now. You can actually read what is on the web pages that are displayed there. So just to summarize in order to download the window 7 taskbar thumbnail customizer simply visit blog-dot-dcgla-dot-.. Our blog is easiest way to find the article you are after by typing the word “thumbnail” in the search bar and that will bring up the relevant thumbnail related articles and the one that you want will be the first one. I always like caution folks to visit sites that you trust when it .es to downloading files so many sites these days will and can infect your .puter with malware and viruses and that is no fun. Keep in mind that there is nothing to really install — just download the program and run it! And you can set your options once it has popped up and running. If you want to run it again, you will find it in your downloads folder. The utility also offers other taskbar adjustments that you can try out on your own including spacing, margins and the delay time with which the windows will pop up. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and if you need IT outsourcing in Los Angeles call 213-261-3998. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: