Jilin wedding on each other gold Python as a keepsake confiscated by the police in the new network kaya scodelario

Jilin wedding on each other "gold Python" as a keepsake confiscated by the police – Beijing Beijing in Jilin on 19 September, (Cang Yan Lei Xuefeng) Jilin City, a newly married couple in the wedding scene exchanged two gold python, as a token of love, once in the local hot lead. In September 19th, the reporter was informed that the case with the Jilin City Forest Forest Public Security Bureau police investigation unit in the animal protection association staff, has recovered gold Python collection. In September 16th, a hotel in Jilin city held the wedding ceremony to exchange tokens in the chain, the Wu presented a male gold Python weighing more than and 60 pounds for the bride to the Groom Bride Kang; a more than and 30 pound female gold python. Jilin Forest Public Security Bureau was informed of the matter, the investigation. September 18th morning, the groom was summoned by the police wu. The investigation, Wu is one of Jilin City medical trade limited company staff, and the bride Kang are animal protection volunteers particularly caring, and joined the Association for the protection of wild animal in Jilin City, has repeatedly wounded wild animal. In May 14, 2015 the 28th day of the fourth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, this day is also a traditional Chinese temple. Wu and Jiang drove to the camp of Jilin City Mopan Mountain to watch, when they go to the Mopanshan half way up the mountain to see many people in the crowd, approached to see three gold Python in the grass, a large about 2.3 meters, the other two small is about 2 meters. Wu heard the crowd of people said that three others Python is released, it was found that one small Python was going to die, so Wu took another two live Python to get the car shipped home raised, the two gold Python survived. In September 16th, when he and Kang wedding ceremony, feel this two gold Python is memorable for him and his wife, so as a token of love at the wedding of exchange. Police said the gold Python as wild animal, the rescue behavior should be given support and encouragement, but China’s relevant laws and regulations, individuals are not allowed to keep the wild animal at home, as the wild animal protection volunteers should be found in wild animals in need of help, report to the local wild animal protection department immediately. And by the Department of its transfer to the local wild animal rescue center for breeding. Since then, the police and animal protection association staff, two people, two gold Python seized and handed over to the Jilin wild animal rescue center. According to the Deputy Secretary General of the Jilin wild animal protection association chairman Tang Jingwen introduction, Burma gold python python albino mutant, is a very rare variety, gold Python adult can grow to about 7 meters long. As a gold Python albino mutant is not included in the national key protected wild animal range, but the law does not allow individual breeding of wild animal at home. (end)相关的主题文章: