Kija go into three composition exercises students Alexander

Kija go into three composition exercises students: Alexander kija hot sina sports news on 2015, the 18 year old genius player Chinese kija won the Braun cup, Samsung Cup and Lily dream cup, one year maddening three crown. Became the first world chess player in 2015, and also became one of the hottest stars in China’s sports world. And he also made him a wild and intractable character all hot topics. Today, Ke Jie has become a topic of composition for college entrance examination students. As early as December 22, 2015, the Lishui Municipal Bureau of Education issued a notice on organizing and learning the advanced deeds of Comrade Jie Jie, which aroused widespread concern and controversy. At that time, Ke Jie had not won the dream Lily cup. Since then, kija in Lily dream Cup final 3 to 2 victory over Li Shishi, is the focus of his beloved, became the first China Qijie discussion from all walks of life. Recently, Ke Jie boarded the topic of senior high school students. In Wuhan, a high school third month test writing topic, impressively appeared Ke Jie figure. Kija wrote 60 essay topic become high school students this topic composition: the score of a nearly 18 year old Weiqi player Xiao Ke within a year won three World Championships, not only that, Xiao Ke also with its distinctive individuality concern. For example, on the eve of the final, he bluntly opponents only 5% of the odds, think the other side as a legend, the curtain call". Xiao Ke’s performance, his parents think, the child is big, as parents should know how to let go, let him think and choose. Xiao Ke that caused a lot of controversy in the chess, there is a human chess players feel a genius of Xiao Ke also has dance for joy, arrogant personality and parents laissez faire attitude questioned…… What do you think of the above? Comprehensive material content and meaning, choose the right angle, determine the concept, clear style, complete the writing task. Requirements: self titled, not intercropping, not plagiarism. In this regard, the three high school students said: "great pressure, it is not easy to test a university, comrade Xiao Ke later do not give us a problem."." (Wen Xuan)

柯洁狂言成高三作文习题 学子:压力山大 柯洁炙手可热   新浪体育讯  2015年,中国18岁的天才棋手柯洁勇夺百灵杯、三星杯和梦百合杯,一年内狂揽三冠。成为2015年不折不扣的世界围棋第一人,同时也成为中国体坛炙手可热的新星之一。而他桀骜不驯的性格也使他成为各界热议的话题。如今,柯洁又成为高考学子的作文话题。   早在2015年12月22日,丽水市教育局便发出关于组织开展学习柯洁同志先进事迹的通知,引起广泛关注和争论。那时候柯洁还没有赢下梦百合杯。   此后,柯洁在梦百合杯决赛中3比2击败李世石,更是使他成为中国棋界的第一宠儿、各界议论的焦点。而近日,柯洁又登上了高中学子的作文话题人物。武汉某校高三月考的作文题目中,赫然出现了柯洁的身影。 柯洁成为高三学子作文话题   这道分值60分的作文题目中写道:国内一位年近18岁的围棋选手小柯一年内连夺三项世界冠军,不仅如此,小柯还以其鲜明的个性引人关注。比如在决赛前夕,他直言对手只有5%的胜算,认为对方作为一代传奇“该谢幕了”。对小柯的表现,其父母认为,孩子大了,作为家长要懂得放手,让他自己去思考和选择。小柯的事情在广大棋迷中引发了很大的争议,有人为棋坛出现一位天才棋手而感到欢欣鼓舞,也有人对小柯的狂傲个性和家长的放任态度提出了质疑。。。。。。对于以上事情,你怎么看?综合材料内容及含意,选好角度,确定立意,明确文体,完成写作任务。要求:自拟标题,不要套作,不得抄袭。   对此,各位高三学子们表示:“压力很大,考个大学不容易,小柯同志以后就不要给我们出难题了嘛。”   (文玄)相关的主题文章: