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Let the child both obedient and assertive, this method is worth learning! – [picture] select Sohu maternal attention, let the children love to read! Methods: open WeChat to add friends to search, to jxhuiben and attention! Every parents want their children to be obedient, and that the obedient child is the child, the child obedient as a judge of the good and bad standard. Obedient child is a good boy, however, blindly obedient without their own ideas, which will also become the child’s short board, which will cause adverse effects on children’s growth. Obedient, not assertive, very easy for children to form a "slave" character, everything is with the wind, what is what others say, is always in a follower. Assertive, but not very obedient, let the children to form a "paranoid" character, no matter what you do is to make their own decisions, not good at listening to suggestions from others, self-centered, not flexible. Too obedient children certainly will not have a strong opinion, but assertive children may not be a disobedient child, which requires parents to give the right guidance. So, do not ask the child to listen to everything, but parents to their own words and deeds, to affect the child, so that children take the initiative to listen to the initiative to solicit the views of parents. When children take the initiative to listen when parents talk, which proved that parents have said the help of the child’s role to children, according to the parents say to work, has been recognized by others and success, then the children will also be recognized based on the recognition of their abilities, recognized by parents for advice in contrast, the success of the joy and encouragement, children will face problems, diligent in thinking, and the most willing to listen to your parents. In order to let the child have a strong opinion, parents should be more training, the child will be more exercise". The exercise here is not to let the child go running exercise, but let the children do more things. Assertive, it is necessary to do more things, children do not experience some things, they will not think, it will not have their own ideas, and how they may have their own ideas. Therefore, in the family environment, parents should consciously arrange their children to do their own thing, the child in their own process of doing things will stimulate their own ability. For example, take the children to the supermarket shopping, let the children themselves to buy some daily necessities, this is the best opportunity to exercise their children. Some of the things in the family should let the children involved, do not think that the child is small, not sensible, to say that he does not work, sometimes also add trouble. If you do not let the children participate in, he will never understand, put the question to the children, listen to their ideas, even if it is not adopted, can also let the children through the way of participation, want to know how the child is, then how to see the problem, and further to guide, to stimulate children’s thinking ability. Parents how to do, in order to make the child both obedient and assertive, both to express their views, but also good at listening to others to adopt the proposal? As a matter of fact, not extending when children encounter problems, to!相关的主题文章: