Li Chenhao half of the car for a change, change is faster than for mobile phone auto Sohu

Li Chenhao half of the car for a change, change is faster than for mobile phone Sohu automobile Li Chen can be said to be "good actors inside car, the car was acting better," said the best not because of Aaron Kwok, Jimmy Lin, Kar Lok Chin is also playing and racing movie, with each other the same. But Li Chen in the mainland actor in the car level should be one of the best, the car will be able to open primary school, school bus, 20 years to get a driver’s license, at the age of 26 with the first car, but also when the occupation motorist is racing from the age of 16, also participated in the desert rally. Car, motorcycle, bicycle, car can be said to be his first love, although not the occupation racer, but participated in some occupation competition, also learn a drift, a occupation racing license. But seen from his car to buy Li Chen, Lamborghini LP700 Aston Martin, Rapide S, Mercedes Benz G, BMW 325i, Rolls-Royce Guth grand luxury car…… Wearing hats and masks at the airport waiting for the car is Li Chen, came to pick up his car is a Ferrari F430 sports car. In 2004, Li Chen has the first car — Benz ML, before long, Benz ML will sell for a Chrysler voyager. Li Chen later replaced frequently from the Volkswagen Beetle Car, BMW 325i and Mercedes Benz E class…… Less than half a year on average for a car. No way, in order to try more than a few cars, had to buy a new car in the near future to sell second-hand car prices, add money for new cars." Li Chen said helplessly. The United States strong standard Chevrolet pickup, not only the performance of the wild, parking is very bossy, long wide high than general car a big slice, very much in line with Li Chen "big black". Contrary to the pickup of a car, can be said to be the home shopping cart, this is Aston Martin Cygnet, priced at around 350 thousand, although the price is not high, but in the domestic road is rare, the connotation of the grade of the car. Travel in a white van GMC, 2012 to buy, use up to go out when filming. Martin Rapide Aston, 3 million start, displacement of 6, the appearance of his LP700 and compared to the low profile of the Lamborghini, had opened the street to attract passers-by onlookers Lamborghini. G know that Fan Bingbing has a black Mercedes, Li Chen also has a white G63 AMG, open to the studio. Now Li Chen and Fan Ye fell in love and then quickly became popular, travel car and the grade of machine is with Rolls-Royce, really is not an ordinary treatment.相关的主题文章: