Li Qin Yang Mi eight for a ponytail who are more fashionable Baby is certainly broken Masson ah! pullip

Li Qin Yang Mi: eight for a ponytail who are more fashionable? "Baby is certainly broken Masson" ah! Source: WeChat subscription number: Beauty autumn comb ponytail for eight (bagongju) autumn, New York fashion week to see what new hairstyle? Li Qin incarnation pink ponytail Girl"…… The streets of New York, hanging high ponytail braid, with a pink hair, the other is cute. Cauda equina height of more than 45° angle, virtually stretched the entire body, even if they do not wear high heels, but also increased effect, temperament to the full. Fashion week, the small partners seem to love mawei. The large power power with the New York fashion week, both wore a high ponytail this autumn, Masson Jun you this is to counter attack? Girl power since Needless to say, whether it is the partial volume, lob, ball head, minute win, this time to New York and put on with a ponytail, moderate height, headstrong baby hair curtain. Girl power was a well deserved reputation, this hairstyle collocation mirror, chiffon shirt and student baggy pants and suddenly fashionable double sense. Tired of watching balls head, lob head and all kinds of bangs, this fall has a new trend! Although the two beautiful girls comb a ponytail, but actually there are two different characteristics to give eight below for you on the autumn two new style down down down "Masson wayward ponytail" VS "Baby broken Masson" as seen, wayward ponytail features a smooth and clean, and tied to Masson high level, basic to more than 45° the distance, this hairstyle is especially suitable for the perfect and strong sense of three-dimensional face, but also subtly revealed a domineering, will improve the temperament of the whole person himself. The characteristics of Baby is loose and broken Masson system, a telephone line basically can easily create head, fluffy hair, horsetail lazy, around the hairline and hair, beauty is so casual. European and American actress VS Chinese actress 1 European and American people love: wayward sister Katy Perry fruit ponytail is a sign of the wayward stretch masson! Dyed hair, like the most is blue and purple, dyed or tied up! Ariana Grande is a small cow wayward ponytail lovers, but also often dyed to dye, which may be Europe’s character. Of course, there are also some China actress tried this wayward stretch, but the results are…… No Near!! Satisfactory!!! Direct light EXM? We do not face the European and American three-dimensional deep oh! So Europe and the United States and Chinese style or to be integrated together! For example: Qin Qin Li Qin of the other is a blend of European and American women’s hair, smooth and clean, but also into the cute and playful elements Chinese girls, with the hair coloring instead of dyed pink ponytail is you Girl! While the Baby is broken Masson perfectly with oriental features, China actress loves her beautiful sister Zhi Ling, a broken Baby crooked ponytail, successfully captured Indoorsman heart. The national goddess Gao Yuanyuan student appearance, a lot of extra points Oh Baby broken masson. Of course, there is a smile Baby~ Park Shin Hye on several occasions Music)相关的主题文章: