Listen to the boss Tucao officials three not Chiqing gifts do not work

Listen to the boss Tucao officials three: not Chiqing gifts do not work in our unit is located in the administrative department of the "concentrated area", is also a concentrated area of high-grade hotel "". A long time ago, whether it is at noon or at night to eat these restaurants, colleagues will encounter acquaintances. Now is not the same, after all, the eight provisions of the implementation of a few years, the effect is obvious. You see, the most luxurious that specializes in "Wing Yan Bao" to fall, closing the decoration for more than half a year, two days before the opening has been changed to the star hotel; specializes in Hunan, change the white-collar fast food, also joined the network platform called meal, more than 30 yuan of money to lunch called "sell" delivery. Look at the calendar, next Thursday (September 15th) is the Mid Autumn Festival! Please read all the organs of Tongren here: the moon cake ticket this year each other with wood? Two days ago, met a famous brand of moon cake boss, he smiled from ear to ear, I’ll run him: the moon cake ticket is sold out, laugh a fart! He said that this year, moon cake gift production capacity half of last year, but the transformation of several early, high prices please do meat moon cake masters, fresh meat moon cake sales 3.5 yuan a day is hot, people are long queues, 30 ovens are now sold, not two hours, is not on the line. Because recently opened several national fairs in the province, met with the boss and fellow friends, I will arrange dinner as hospitality of a host, we are talking about now gifts gifts really curb, but work harder than ever before. More than one boss said, now some departments of some officials of the popular "three": do not eat, not gifts, do not work. Eat less than a person, no one dare to accept the gift, but it is also able to drag on the drag. They told me a lot of stories. Do not accept an invitation to dinner on September 6, 2016, the Commission informed the 5 discipline examination of cadres in violation of the provisions of the central eight mental problems, 5 corrupt officials are common problems out of private clubs, 4 clubs, the hotel is named, including Beijing, Hefei Yi Huishang International Hotel and family, amber Hill Park Plaza and Changchun City Lok Fu hotel. From the name of the hotel you can guess, in addition to that hotel, the other three should be more "private" clubs, previously thought not trouble to eat in the club, it is not. The boss said, the Spring Festival this year, he will invite several government departments to eat in the iron man, it is because of "iron" they promised, first order is rejected in five star hotel; changed to a more private club, as close to the district government, was also rejected at the village order; the club, said the car into a car, worried by the villagers pictures online. Finally, he finally found a four storey building only four tea, a large room, the third floor stairs door closed, others can not come. Because a friend has a friend, worried about stairs door waiter apologized, specially set up liaison. I asked him whether he was "God covers tigers on the land," he said this who can answer, but asked: "sell tea?" Answer: "sell coffee". Ha ha, with the TV drama that what what joints like. No gifts each year is being investigated corruption)相关的主题文章: