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Listen to the voice of heaven and hell –dodo, Bhutan, Nepal (1) – 1 Puna C Zon tourism Sohu Jacaranda bloom (Punakha Dzong). Bhutan 2 in Shangri-La, Bhutan’s annual holiday trip there, I was the most troublesome, just a few days, can go to what place, want to play well, eat well, the most important thing is to be beautiful and pleasant scenery, customs should be memorable, thinking, this year only to Bhutan and Nepal is my first choice! For Nepal, I would like to go is not enough, then focus on Bhutan, there is an idea to action! The car, in the twists and turns, is lined with trees on the mountain road, dotted with the quiet village of Bhutan architectural features, along with distant glimpses of the Himalaya mountains, the sun through the clouds is not evenly sprinkled on the Afanda primitive forest land…… A turn, on a narrow road side, stopped the car, look up and look ahead, not far from the hillside, the people sitting in a tree under the picnic, that moment, my heart is overflowing with happiness, because I finally understand, what is life to happiness! From an earthly paradise: Bhutan over Mount Everest moment from heaven back to Nepal, the streets, a hell on earth: hot weather, dirty riot strike…… But all the unhappy, hell feeling the moment was within reach, everywhere priceless easily behind! Walk in Kathmandu, very valuable wood carvings and sculptures in high streets and back lanes, and not covered in the museum, they are on your side, the inhabitants of Kathmandu are guardians of these treasures, and our journey only with awe to worship……! Thousands and thousands of words can’t describe this journey, in what one sees and hears only let me, third eyes, take you into the mysterious world, listen to the voice of heaven and hell, tells the story of god! (photos and more detailed attractions, one after another on… 3…) that were (Trashi Chhoe Dzong Tashi). 4 cases of Bhutan (Trashi Chhoe Tashi Dzong). Bhutan 5 (Punakha Dzong) in Punakha. Bhutan 6 (Punakha Dzong) in Punakha. Bhutan 7 (Punakha Dzong) in Punakha. Bhutan 8 Fort Duke (Drukgyel Dzong) site. 9 Bhutan duoxiongla Yamaguchi (Dochu La Pass) is known as the "108 pagoda monument" Chu kvong. "". 10 Bhutan and magnificent peaks of the Taktshang Goemba (Taktshang Goemba all blend into one harmonious whole "). 11 Bhutan National Buddhist Bhutan, close minded, but every family love in the frame wall and roof painted on both sides, flying dragon and tiger penis and beast pattern, for luck, blessing. Flying phallus is one of the sacred evil treasure of Bhutan Buddhism, and of the earth in a lewd no)相关的主题文章: